The Muslim Council of Britain and terrorism

On Wednesday, the Muslim Council of Britain published an advert in the Telegraph and Mail Online condemning the ISIL terror attacks in Paris. Their statement, signed by some 300 of the body’s affiliates, described Friday’s massacres as ‘barbaric’ and added that they ‘had no sanction in Islam’.

They explained that their faith specifically forbade ‘terrorism and the targeting of innocents’ and reaffirmed their commitment to the ‘values of pluralism and tolerance’.

It is tempting to welcome this condemnation by the MCB. The organisation has some prominence within the community and its advert will resonate with most British Muslims who are equally appalled by the Paris attacks. For some indeed, this is proof that they are moderate Muslims.

  • Cat-astrophe

    The key point in their article is “They explained that their faith specifically forbade ‘terrorism and the targeting of innocents’”
    Who decides who is innocent? The definition held by the “fundamental” Muslims is that people of the west are not “innocents”.
    That is the real English translation of Islamic thought, and because the west has bombed and killed Muslims, there can be no innocents among us. Hate to say it, but when you are at war, and ISIS is at war, (even if people like Obama will not admit that ISIS is Islamic in origin), you cannot distinguish the difference between a real enemy, and an innocent person and it makes all people of western origin enemies.
    ISIS is in this to win, not even REAL people of Islamic faith, who truly would not hurt another, are enemy’s of ISIS.
    They are in it to win, are we?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As long as the Islamists want jihad, give them jihad, and with all the advanced weaponry in our arsenals. Is that too hard for our politicians to understand?

    • canminuteman

      It’s not to hard for rational people to understand, but if you watch Ezra Levant’s videos from Paris, you will realize that rational people are few and far between,

  • BitterClinger


  • Gary

    ” their faith specifically forbade ‘terrorism and the targeting of innocents”

    This is pure Taqiyyah to lie as part of the soft jihad and fool the unbelievers as you plot against them .
    They didn’t cite the whole quranic text to reveal that “Innocent Civilians” are only fellow muslims caught between two groups of muslims fighting for allah.

    So they were correct that the quran protects innocent civilains from harm , but these liars didn’t tell you that it only applies to muslims.
    The quran deems every one of the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth today as Enemies of islam and allah to be converted or killed to create the global caliphate ruled by shria law.
    The islamists in Canada had that HRC dolt Barbara Hall that fell for their taqiayyah and gave them a Charter Right status for their Death-Cult that is now equal to a Religion.
    Remember, Hall approved the 2 jew-hating homophopbic
    mosques in Public Schools while at the same time she condemned the use of Christmas in schools but was OK with teachers getting paid on the Christmas break.