The City of Light Goes Dark

“Through bold criticism in a secular manner, European states have been able to create a more pluralistic, tolerant, and humane culture. For devout Muslims (not just radicals), this is blasphemy of the worst sort: democracy, made by man and not by Allah, is evil, and tolerance for all beliefs is a path to hell.”

  • DMB

    Just in time for the up coming Paris climate change scam conference. The Islamists love it because they come from the dark ages and want the rest of the world to go back to it. The leftest’s love because it will be for them like Earth hour/day were they turn off the lights to “save the planet”. What a match made in hell.

    • mauser 98

      The Sun King , Premier Strapon will be in attendance…the mind reels
      perhaps they will bring some Syrian hitch hikers home on plane

  • Gary

    islam wants to whole world to go dark and live by the Moon and sun for prayers, no music , no soccer, no fun and no gays or jews.