Millennial terrorism comes of age

If you want to strike at the sinful west, you pick a Friday night. While devout Muslims are fresh from prayer, young Parisian non-believers are knocking back the booze’, wrote Roger Boyes, diplomatic editor at The Times, this week. ‘Islamic State killers made their point about a clash of civilisations: frustrated young men ready to blow up revellers of a similar age because they are seen as representatives of a corrupt society in terminal decline.’

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At the time of 9/11, young Americans across the country were ready to flock to a call to the colors, so much so that a revival of the military draft would have been met with minimal opposition. Instead, Bush told us to go about our business as usual and let government professionals handle things, hardly an inspiration to defend ourselves.

  • Gary

    But is has NOTHING to do with islam.