Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland Schooled by Bill Maher On Islam

Bill Maher Criticizes Liberal Support of Islam: Muslims Sharing All Your Values is ‘Bullshit’

Bill Maher did not mince words Friday night as he sparred with a liberal guest over whether or not some of the beliefs held by millions of practicing Muslims around the world are “bad.”

Maher’s exchange with Chrystia Freeland, a member of the Canadian House of Commons, came after he opened up his program contending many of the Syrian refugees don’t share many of America’s cornerstone values.

“If you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds. This is what liberals don’t want to recognize,” Maher said. “This idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is bulls***.

That triggered a debate amongst Maher’s panel, but particularly seemed to offend Freeland who pushed back against the HBO host.

“Are you guys saying that the Muslim faith is by definition worse than other people’s?” she asked.

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Chrystia Freeland is a dope.
    If all cultures were truly equal then there would be almost no migration, because there would be almost no differences from one country to another beyond the weather.
    All countries would have the same relative amount of wealth and freedom.
    Yet, we all can see with our own eyes that is not the case.

  • Jim Horne

    Kate McMillan expresses the sentiment of many Canadians on the sidebar of her website Small Dead Animals

    Why this blog?
    Until this moment I have been forced to listen while media and politicians alike have told me “what Canadians think”. In all that time they never once asked.

    This is just the voice of an ordinary Canadian yelling back at the radio – “You don’t speak for me.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    We have to put up with the likes of her for the next 5 years.

    • David Murrell

      I disagree. We have to put up with her mindlessness for the next 15 years.

      • k1962

        Or longer since the Liberal party will be importing tens of thousands of Liberal voting Muslims. Lifting the visa restrictions on Mexicans will give them a lot more refugee voters as well.

    • WalterBannon

      civil war is needed

  • ontario john

    The Canadian media is again this morning following the instructions of the elites in this country, and broadcasting alarming tales of islamophobia running amok across this land. The “I hate Christmas” muslim mayor of Calgary wants a stop put to any negative comments about the religion of peace in public and the internet. And in further news of the “Nothing to fear from refugees” it is announced that army reservists will provide security at refugee holding areas at military bases. Nothing to fear folks, just a precaution. And for those that are interested, here is the news from the Saturday Star. Harper is still evil, Tony Burman and the other trained seals at the Star love Prime Minister Selfie, all Canadians want action on global warming scam, and Liberals put on hold the new supply ship for the navy. “Sunny Ways in Canada”. Oh, and anyone attending a university in Winnipeg must take a whiny indian course.

  • John

    Islam is as vastly inferior belief system. Those societies steeped in its influence are all backward, coming in dead last in just about in every field of human endevour. Islamic societies produce nothing, invent nothing and discover nothing. They’re a study in human idiocy.

    Like Chrystia Freeland…

    • k1962

      Yep and with those 7th century values they will be taking over our stupid Liberal societies.

      • John

        They’ll use/invoke multiculturalism and blather about religious freedom to advance their agenda, and naive liberals will buy their line every time

  • mobuyus

    What a fucking embarrassment this empty headed terrorist apologist is. The liberals must of rolled up to Parliament on the back of turnip trucks. Such naivety is breath taking.breathtaking and deadly.

    • Censored_EG

      Frightening. However, the Liberals have clearly allied themselves with the largest growing religion in Canuckistan, namely Islam, and will do everything that vote whores do to court this growing % of the Canadian population.

    • k1962

      Gets them the muslim and arab vote.

    • WalterBannon

      she is one of Turdeau’s “star” liberals

      • bargogx1

        I can see why, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

    • Alain

      The whole Liberal party starting with the junior PM is an embarrassment just as the present Alberta NDP government is. That either one of these incompetent misfits was allowed to govern was insanity.

  • DMB

    Well at least she was paying attention to what Bill Maher was saying as opposed to her leader Justin Trudeau.

    • LizM

      Poor thing. Her scabies must be flaring up again.

  • Mark

    This clip needs to be sent to everyone in her riding. See if they have any shame in voting for this idiot.

    • mobuyus

      They will only double down, and pink panties in a bind insist that she is a brave and principled standard bearer of nuanced thought, and so too will the women that voted for her.

  • andycanuck

    And if he were Canadian, Maher would have donated to and voted for the Libs ironically enough.

  • bargogx1

    She is a moron. A complete and total idiot. And this is what we have running our country right now. We are so screwed…

    • BillyHW

      The vaginas voted for change because it’s 2015.

  • truepeers

    First, she is probably beyond schooling. SJWs always lie. But i’d probably give her the nod in an IQ contest over our illustrious PM.

    • Maggat

      Yes, God help us, she probably has a higher IQ than the shiny pony. But that’s not saying much.
      Your link, pretty sad, however, pretty normal .

    • terrence

      How about this peaceful mooslime “refugee” in Austria who raped a 72 year old woman?

    • horatio

      I high IQ does not mean you are rational and reasoning. This woman shows that. She is part of the problem. One of the reasons Muslims immigrate to the west is to get away from this religion. Contrary to late political correctness the Crusades were a good idea. Read up on the history of Spain or the genocidal Jihad in Albania….

  • WalterBannon

    It is a shame that she is not dead

  • irishrus

    Trouble with Maher is that he is at least half pure asshole when he also attacks Christianity… I don’t understand why Breitbart pays so much attention to the jerk.

  • Why are your women so ugly?

  • Bryan Mallon

    I actually googled the
    internet just so I could find a place to vent my frustration and share
    my thoughts on just how annoying Chrystia Freeland was last night on
    bill maher.Actually she was like this the last time she was on his show
    as well. She came across as extremely naive espeacially when Host Bill
    Maher wasn’t really saying what she inerpreted as anti-muslim. You can
    even sense the frustration of the other panelists in their body language
    and avoidance of eye contact which she couldn’t pick up on. But worst
    of all was the way she kept interrupting everyone with long winded empty
    calorie stock talking points. It was as
    if she thought every question was directed only to her and she was the
    only person with a thought in her head. And I hate when canadians go on
    american TV and play into the overly compassionate extreme liberal
    fluffy cuddly canadian.I’m a liberal minded person and her constant use
    of “in canada” or in my country” at the beginning of everything she said
    was too much. Loud ,talking over everyone, rambling…was she drinking
    before the show?

    • Clink9

      She wants to be nice to them in the hopes she will die last.

      • Gary

        Much like Wynne that gave a groups of jew-hating homophobe muslims a Mosque in the Valley Park Public school as part of getting her MPP seat for McLiar .

        She must think that she will be spared under sharia law when gays are tosses of the CN tower.
        Sadly , this boastful lesbian dolt will be the first one tossed off as a useful idiot that fulfilled her purpose and has no more use as a queer mother.

    • Dingo

      Once again, and there are people like her all over the world. Its not about the muslims, faiths or practices. Its about Chrystina Freehand. Please people, look at me !!! Look at me !!! I am such a wonderful person, look at me !!
      Its people like her thats destroying civilisation as we know it. They are more dangerous than a muslim with a over sized dress.

      • Gary

        She’s so typical of a federal Liberal to bash the bible and christians.
        But yet they must be pretty stupid to keep electing catholics like Martin , Trudeau, Chretien , and now Justin who has that same Bible she rants about .

        Chrystia actually fears jihad terrorism if she offends muslims so she acts like she defend the religion of Peace .
        Her child won’t be on public transit when the bombs go off, her wealth white neighbourhood won’t be attacked by islamists, she has armed security as an MP in Ottawa but somehow is anti-gun as well.
        So to her, we must now accept the 5 brown mulims women recently honour killed for not wearing the hijab as Diversity and just get used to islamic misogyny and gay bashing.

    • El Martyachi

      She doesn’t speak for all of us.

      • Bryan Mallon

        I know she doesn’t but there are too many cringe worthy moments when canadians go on american television. I don’t agree with most people on this comment section as I voted for trudeau and proud of it. But she came off as an embarrassment and just plain stupid

        • El Martyachi

          So, basically, you’re A-OK with the Liberal platform and leadership, but have a beef with television image. She’s not a product of a vacuum ya know.

          Or .. maybe she is….

          • Bryan Mallon

            Neither! I have a problem with ANY canadian regardless of political persuasion, representing us on ANY forum and embarrassing themselves and by proxy canada and making a fool of themselves or just being annoying as hell as she was last night!

          • El Martyachi

            Well Bry, hate to be the one to break it to ya, but buckle up…

          • Bryan Mallon

            lol yeah,why? you think we’re gonna be in for a hell of a ride with the new government? And I’m being sincere when I ask

          • El Martyachi


          • El Martyachi

            And, in fairness, IMNSHO, a lot of what’s coming doesn’t have a helluva lot to do with whatever government happens to have the helm at any given time. Especially in our (Canada’s) case, we’re mainly “along for the ride”.

            And we now have a former substitute drama teacher/part time snow board instructor at the helm. Oh well.

  • Alain

    Is she not the same idiotic leftist woman that Coren used to have on his show at SNN?

  • Gary

    Poor Chrystia, she thought she was on the CBC where the dolts just nod their heads and are in awe of her wisdom and insight on Diversity and sharia barbarism.

  • horatio

    Chrystia. it is a FACT that in predominantly Muslim countries (17 in a recent study) up to 70% of Muslims believe Islamic law supersedes state law…and a high percentage of that in strict sharia law. You are totally clueless. These are facts mam….