Islamic influx: Why a Religious Test for Immigrants is Moral and Wise

With the Paris terror attack and flooding of Western nations with Muslim migrants, Senator Ted Cruz and others have proposed limiting Muslim immigration into the U.S. In response, Barack Obama and John McCain have said that having a “religious test” for newcomers would be un-American. It’s a belief betraying dangerous philosophical juvenility.

  • Dana Garcia

    Make it simple: ZERO immigrants.

    Are we not yet diverse enough? We have plenty of foreign neighborhoods that could easily pass for homelands abroad.

    Unskilled non-English-speaking foreigners are no longer needed for factories which are now manned by machines. in fact, half of US jobs could be gone in 20 years due to automation according to Oxford U. researchers, with similar outlooks elsewhere.

    Continued immigration just means adding to poverty at this point in the history of the first world.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Canada should follow Poland’s lead, provide compulsory military training to all military aged males migrants and send them back to fight ISIS. They would avoid us like the plague.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The public is behind Cruz, which is why Obama’s veto threat rings hollow.

  • lolwut?

    Useless, the Quran allows for lying to deceive the enemy.

    • Alain


  • Exile1981

    So I was at a large chain store in the city today. As I came out of the store there was a couple with a booth dressed as christmas elves ringing bells and raising funds.

    The man grabbed me and asked if “in the christmas spirit would you please donate money to help bring over syrian refugees?”

    I looked at him and asked “are there no prisons? no work house?”

    He didn’t get the reference but the old guy walking past me broke out in laughter, so he got it.

    I was hoping he’d say the line about them rather dying then go there… but he didn’t.