Give Them What They Want

It’s getting hard out there for a dove. Those on the left grasping at tenuous logical straws to avert an escalation in the war on ISIS are finding themselves short on straws. The most prevalent and simultaneously least convincing reasoning for why it would be folly to fight ISIS on its home turf is the claim that the West would be giving this terrorist organization precisely what it wants.

  • Maneki-neko

    Islam is fighting an unconventional war. Propaganda has always been an essential part of this. Overt use of force by the west will be used to reinforce a narrative that Islam is defending itself from the west.

    Islamic jihad, the idea, must be completely delegitimized, just as Nazism has been.

    • FactsWillOut

      We had to reduce several cities to rubble and kill over 6 million civilians to “de-legitimize” the NAZIs.

      • Maneki-neko

        To make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs.

        The world is better off without Nazism.

        • FactsWillOut

          I agree. I was just making the point that to “de-legitimize” the idea, first we need to utterly eliminate it’s ability to fight.

          • Maneki-neko

            Killing and de-legitimizing are not mutually exclusive. In fact my point is the two should be coordinated to have maximal impact.

    • Xavier

      We make be able to delegitimize Islam for future generations. This generation needs to annihilated. To egregiously quote Rick, treat them “just like any other evil ideology, only more so.”

    • Islamic theology creates the ultimate cult. Wrapped up in a religious cloak, and powered by devout religious thugs who kill for promises of heavenly sexual rewards, Islam has managed to survive for 1,400 years. It will be difficult to unravel.

      But here is my take.

      Once military forces are within a Muslim population:
      1) Immediately stop the azan. The azan is a five times a day reminder of the cult.
      2) Close and destroy all mosques and minarets.
      3) Arrest all mullahs and anyone with a gun or preaching Islam.
      4) Ban all female Islamic headgear.
      5) Ban any overt signs of Islam
      6) Only allow a small amount of secular Islamic practices in the public sphere.
      7) All girls to school.
      8) Monitor all schools for preaching of Islamic hate.
      9) Destroy any and all military equipment.
      10) Employ an army of psychiatrists/psychologists to create a program to deprogram the general population.

      Who has more ideas?

      • Maneki-neko

        I like your ideas, but I’m afraid people brought up with respect for Islam would find all of this highly objectionable.

        Also effectively banning the “religion” would drive it underground, making it harder to monitor/police.

        However, there should be an absolute zero tolerance policy for treason, insurrection, and/or sedition.

    • Alain

      Without dealing with hostile Muslims already allowed into Western countries, there is little point in confronting ISIS (just the latest group) abroad. We need to clean our own house first and then every time that ISIS or whatever Muslims group attacks the West go in and bomb the shit out of them. No troops on the ground but every time they raise their head bomb them again.

      • Maneki-neko

        Killing the enemy is a tactic, not a strategy. Necessary, but not sufficient.

  • FactsWillOut

    In the propaganda war, the western leaders and the MSM are on ISIS’ side.

  • bargogx1

    How about not giving a damn what ISIS wants?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      If ISIS wants jihad, then by all means give it jihad, and with all the added horrors that modern technology can produce.

      • Maneki-neko

        They want death.