Does Justin Trudeau share the same values of the Imam of Peterborough’s a-Salaam Mosque?

Well that would make Sophie a battered woman!

  • ismiselemeas

    I have absolutely no doubt that the fire was set by Joos.

  • Martin B

    “The values that make our country great are values that celebrate our diversity…Diversity is Canada’s strength”

    Brain-dead slogans aren’t values. But our Prime Minister has no values and no brain, so brain-dead slogans are all he can come up with.

    We’re all doomed.

    • Alain

      Canada’s strength and greatness was founded on honesty, hard work, personal responsibility and sacrifice and that included all new Canadians at least up until the 1950s. New Canadians worked hard to integrate and assimilate into Canadian society, which was the total opposite of “diversity”.

      • mauser 98

        Pierre pushed the diversity , do your own thing BS

    • mauser 98

      he is like Obummer , never had a real job , trust fund brat ,never been told no

  • Gary

    The Imam must be angry that local Canadians have raised money to fix it and have trades people ready to do the job.
    He can’t do the usual photo-OP and play the victim to incite young muslims to jihad in Canada because were and anti-muslims bigots.
    Amazing how psychic the Police are to know the faith and nationality of the islamophobe that attack the mosque but just can’t find them to prove it while they go ahead and declare it a Hate-crime without a witness or security video .

    Reminds me of the ruse last year out West where a mosque was vandalized
    rights after a jihad slaughter in the News in Ottawa . The mosque just happened to have the security system Video turned off that night and told the Police that a new employee at the mosque hit the wrong switch ( as if they were trained to touch that switch anyway some day ) when the system has been on for over 2 years.
    Then we had the Pickering Mosque scam where they torched it them self and vandalized it to get the media coverage as a hate-crime because they couldn’t get their illegal Saudi Funded mega-Mosque approved from the Zoning laws and building codes.
    So sad, poor sunni muslims , they thought that the fire damage would buy pity and sympathy by the public to let them get their illegal mosque….. but not so fast burka breath because while Dan Mcteague and the Police were fell for this ruse the City didn’t and no mosque for you.
    This sunni mosque was tied to CAIR which was exposed for funding hamas back in 2009 by the FBI.

    Why is to assumed by the media that a non-muslims attacked the mosque, the Sunni shai hatred is so bad in the US that mosque are being attacked by other muslims.

    • Waffle

      The cop’s psychic powers may have been boosted by the fact the NCCM (formerly CAIR – Canada) issued a press release asking the fuzz to investigate the fire as a hate crime.