Christian father-of-six brutally set upon by hooded thugs with a pickaxe handle who targeted him as a ‘blasphemer’ because he converted from Islam


Mr Hussain has said his family has been living in fear since they appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about the mistreatment of Muslim converts in 2008.

He claims they have been subjected to a tirade of abuse and threats to their lives, as well as thousands of pounds worth of physical damage to their home and cars.

Mr Hussain has also previously been attacked in the street before and has accused the police of failing to help him and his family.

Police have been called out on a number of occasions over the years but this is the first time they have classed an incident a religious hate crime.

The family moved to their current address after experiencing problems at their previous home in Bradford, where they claimed they were driven out by some Muslim residents.

Mr Hussain said they were first welcomed into the street but that all changed after the TV documentary revealed they had converted from Islam to Christianity.

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  • Gary

    This is why the Anti-ISIS rally in Toronto only had about 25 people show up.
    Bringing in 25,000 more Pro-Sharia muslims into Canada will make the future even more dangerous for the Moderate liberal muslims .
    Any one that thinks the Sunni / Shi’ite wars won’t start here in Canada is a fool because the hatred between them right now where they bomb each others mosques which doesn’t makes the News because the PC narrative is that islam=Peace.

    When I hear of a Mosque being attacked in Canada my first reaction is NOT to blame that elusive islamopbobe , that the Police never seem to catch, but assume it’s the sunni shia tension in Canada.
    The other thought I get is that the vandalism is a ruse don’t by the Imam to gain sympathy by paling the victim. We have seen several staged attacks which were to get sympathy from the public and pressure the leaders to approve the plan for an Illegal Mega-Mosque funded by the Saudi’s money to replace the small one they had.

    Are the Police that stupid to not see the pattern where the vandalized mosque had NO security video system or it was shut off at the time of the attack????
    Do the Insurance Companies and the Police Detectives not look at all the evidence and look for fraud .

    • Funny how they never march when Christians are murdered in Muslim nations.

    • Brian Jones

      If only they’d stick to bombing each other’s mosques, preferably at peak times. Let them fight amongst each other, keeps ’em busy and leaves a smaller number to deal with in the aftermath.

  • BillyHW

    They make our communities so vibrant.

  • From Pamela Geller: ‘“Despite witnessing another vehicle being rammed deliberately by a man who I knew, the Police did not even take a statement never mind an arrest… Mr Hussain said that when he reported the intimidation to Police, he was told: “Stop trying to be a crusader and move out!”

    “In short,” he said, “the Police had wilfully failed us so as not to be labelled racists or seem to cause the Muslim community offence at our suffering and expense.’

    • Alain

      Words cannot convey my disgust.

  • Alain

    Islam would have lost most of its followers had it not been for this: no one can leave it alive.

    • Oh, but that’s not believed in by real Muslims. By the vast majority of Muslims who’ve ever existed and exist now, sure. But not by real, authentic Muslims, who love everyone, you Islamophobe.