Campbell Soup Goes Gay and Halal. How Can That Be?

In 2013, Campbell’s Soup Company went Halal with approval from Hamas-linked ISNA.

For those unfamiliar, ISNA, The Islamic Society of North America is one of many American Islamic organizations that front for the Muslim Brotherhood, which means they do the bidding of the radical Brotherhood, which means they support terrorism and the conquest of the West, including America.

h/t Marvin

  • WalterBannon

    Ah, then my kitchen has just gone campbell soup free.

    boycott is on

    • I boycott Campbell’s. Have for ages.

      Is there a handy list somewhere out there of Halal-companies to boycott? I really don’t feel like compiling one.

      • Xavier
      • Xavier
        • Ah so. Marmite?

          (BTW, I’ll check out the Facebook link. Thanks.)

        • Bataviawillem

          Holy smoke that list is endless.

      • Gary

        The FRESHCO near me now has a segregated Halal meat section for this Master-Race from their islamic hell-holes they had to flee for a non-islamic Nation as Refugees to go on Welfare and shame allah.
        It’s rare to see a Hijab/Niqab clad women that doesn’t have children or isn’t pregnant.
        How sad that Corporations must join the Charade that islam has nothing to do with muslim terrorists that cite the quran and muhammad’s life that sanctions it.
        It’s now cheaper to appease the islamists than risk a terrorism bombing at your business and THEN the security cost afterwards to prevent further Jihad by those peaceful moderates that snap
        and suffer the SJS ( sudden jihad syndrome ) .

        Here’s why the islamist and ISIS will win in Canada.

        We had two cases where either Arab immigrants or Muslims fire-bombed a Jewish school in Montreal and a Jewish centre while a Security camera caught two muslims beating up a Jewish teen outside that Centre .
        In both cases the Police and Courts refused to label them hate-crimes.

        Yet , we now see the Media and John Tory going nuts over three alleged acts of islamophobia , since the Paris jihad slaughter , with NO video evidence for who did them that are Hate-Crimes.
        John Tory even went to the Valley Park Muslim Centre ( same muslims that now have a jew-hating homophobic mosque in that public school ) to denounce the alleged hate-crime by a muslims women which will now incite hatred and anger in muslim youth that will buy into the narrative by Imams that Canada is anti-muslim a and at war with islam.

        CAIR-Canada has been know to post fabricated hate-crimes to gain sympathy or change the focus after another Jihad slaughter in the News.
        Muslim women that are attacked by muslim men as not being Halal enough or follow the true Sharia to wear the niqab , will report this attack as a hate-crime that infers to the readers it was a white christian islamophobe.
        This ruse has two purposes , it pads the Hate-crime Stats to play the victims and get more Mega Mosques or prayer spaces in Public schools…….then the second asset is that it helps hide the real quranic Misogyny and level of barbaric sharia law in Canada at the present.
        It also prevent the women from getting beat-up at home for turning in a fellow muslim to the Police when islam is being pushed as a Religion Of Peace .

        The # Muslimlivesmatter fascists are now in the streets demanding their pound of flesh for unproven hate-crimes with almost NO evidence other than the Police forced to call it a hate-crime to keep their job and avoid the islamophobe label .
        How odd though that when the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists were tried and being sentenced over their REAL plot to slaughter 5000 plus people in Toronto via their truck bombs, several Imams and islamic org.’s petitioned the Court to go easy on the misguided youth that chose a bad prank to try to get attention.

        Oh I see how it works, when Muslims do real crimes and try to slaughter thousands of non-muslims we must understand them and go easy in the Courts…….but when just 1 muslim feels threatened or a few alleged a hate-crime they take to the streets and demand the full force of the Law for revenge.
        Our leaders are making it worse by giving in to these fascists that want special laws to protect muslims while they can plot top slaughter thousands and when caught we must have mercy.

        The 25,000 Syrian muslims use the same quran as the Toronto -18 , Hamas and ISIS .
        Trudeau is a brain dead dolt if he thinks that all of them are the peaceful muslims that don’t follow the quran and will love the jews and gays .
        How many is he taking in to his home to be around his daughters and wife ?


        • WalterBannon

          always be sure to move some bacon to the top of the halal section…

          • marty_p

            I put Pork Chops or bacon on top of the Halal chicken every time I am in the grocery store.
            Even T&T the Chinese supermarket has a Halal section.
            I wonder how much of our tax dollars will be spent to make sure all those Syrians get 3 Halal meals a day when they arrive.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I need a list.

  • Gary

    ISNA also had ties to the Mississauga mosque that groomed the Toronto-18 terrorists . CAIR Canada was also exposed in 2009 as tied to hamas funding , plus the 2006 Hezballah war because Sheema Khan approved a Notice at the Muslimfest that summer where CAIR told muslims that it was Halal to give their Zakat to the War effort in Lebanon to help the orphans and widows ( of the terrorists and not civilians ).

  • simus1

    My family were early rejectors, right after the lard and other goodies were removed or cut back in the various Habitant products.

    Long time ago.
    Tempus fugit.

    • Canadian

      Habitant pea soup still has lard in it.
      At least it says so on the label.

  • Gary

    The soup is missing the letters G A and Y plus J E and W .

  • Canadian

    No more Campbell here since I first heard of it a few years ago.

    • Oracle9

      Same here.

  • Oracle9

    Now that we have a government which supports Sharia law, women will need to learn the graceful technique of eating with a face mask.

  • marty_p

    I emailed the company a few weeks ago to advise them “No more Campbell/Swanson products in my shopping cart”.
    Another company to avoid – Cavendish Farms frozen potato products – I bought a pkg a few weeks ago and lo and behold the Halal symbol on the back. No more in my shopping cart.

  • G.S.K. herzak

    Really? We have all these foods having kosher certification to appeal to the 0.1% of heebs. Why not Muslims. Plus their food is good. Jewish cuisine, that’s as bad as Mormon food!!! I’ll go halal over kosher.