California Middle School Makes Kids Sing About Spreading Islam

Parents in Orange County are outraged after seventh-graders were asked to sing a song about spreading Islam in class.

  • roccolore

    Because singing about Christianity is banned.

    • Sneering Cyril

      Jealous much?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Soon to happen in a school in Ontario.

  • ontario john

    I like the line “Can make a heart open”. Is that before or after they cut it out of your body? In today’s funny moment of the day, Liberal cabinet minister in charge of the refugee invasion here is urging Canadian families to take refugees into their homes. A reporter asked him if he is taking a family into his home, and his reply was, I can’t answer that, I will have to think about it. And I hope that some of that 1.2 billion dollars set aside for refugees will be used to build mosques across Canada to make them feel welcome. Or will our good friend Saudi Arabia be looking after that.

    • Brian Jones

      Minor miracle that a reporter actually did his job and asked the question. Someone missed the memo from the Press Club.

  • Xavier

    When liberals claim separation of Church and State, they mean separation of Christianity and State.

    • Blacksmith

      Ding, winner!

    • Alain

      I suggest they mean totally removing Christianity from the public eye.

  • B__2

    I notice that no mention of the teacher’s religion – I suspect that the teacher is a Muslim and sees no problem in proselytizing her (and it’s almost certainly a ‘her’) own religion. The other possibility is that of a anti-Christian, anti-marriage, anti-patriarchy, anti-heteronormative, open-borders, equality-of-outcome teacher, for whom anything that destroys Western Civilization is a good thing. And that type of teacher isn’t uncommon, either.

  • Clink9

    Maybe for show and tell someone could bring in a couple of savages for her from the Religion Of Peace.

  • Hard Little Machine

    go to class with a scimitar and threaten to behead all your classmates to honor Allah.

  • JoKeR
    • The ones in this picture are dressed exactly like the “refugees” you see on TV, they wear Westernized, designer clothes, and all their clothes are clean looking. They aren’t poor or suffering. They are just Muslims looking for a new population to terrorize.

  • These people are completely insane