Belgium on Muslim terrorist lockdown: Brussels metro closed and people warned to avoid public areas after alert over ‘serious and imminent threat’

Brussels has been put into security lockdown as its national crisis center raised the country’s terrorism alert to its highest level after fears of a ‘serious and imminent’ terror threat.

Service has been halted on the Brussels subway system and heavily armed police and soldiers are patrolling the Belgian capital amid a high security alert.

People in Brussels have been told to avoid public gatherings, including concerts, train stations and airports.

  • Blacksmith

    Well they could either kill themselves, say the shahada or remove the source of the problem. I wonder which they will choose.

  • truepeers

    Avoid airports?! The one place i’d want to go if i ever had the great misfortune of being in Brussels.!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Have they blamed Israel again and yet?

    • WalterBannon

      either that or the other default propaganda stories – white privilege and climate change caused this….

  • WalterBannon

    Maybe its time to just sit back and enjoy watching the muslims kill liberals

    Let them be hoisted on their own petard

    • Gary

      It’s all the leftist liberal progressives and the feminists/gays that will be the first one hanged under sharia law.
      So to some people, it’s not ALL bad news about ISIS.

      Wynne, Susan g Cole and Naomi Klein have already volunteered to be killed since they refused to condemn hamas and the quranic homophobia.

      The PRIDE parade supports hamas even when they know hamas kills gays in Gaza.