Army chaplains to remove ‘conquer’ from 102-year-old motto because it is offensive to Muslims

THE Australian Army is removing the motto “In this sign conquer” from the 102-year-old hat badges of army chaplains because it is offensive to Muslims.

The move comes after an imam approved by the Grand Mufti was appointed to join the ­Religious Advisory Committee to the Services in June.

Australian Army chaplains have had the motto on their hat badges since 1913.

OH For F’ks Sake.

  • Martin B

    And naturally the imam who got appointed to the Religious Advisory Committee has been busy advocating for sharia law in Australia. Are Aussie authorities going to cave in on that too?

    Any chaplain who would go along with this is a traitor to Christ and civilization.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It’s not “political correctness” but instead the piecemeal dismantling of Westren civilization through cultural vandalism.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Keep the motto; remove the muslim.

  • Xavier

    Oppressed minorities do not make demands, or have them granted.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This is crazy. If “In Hoc Signo Vinces” is good enough for a pack of cigarettes, it should be good enough for a chaplain’s emblem.

    • andycanuck

      What American brand is that, Norman?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Pall Mall

        • andycanuck

          Oh. Interesting. I’ll have to image search their packages.

          Oh. It’s on the motto scroll of the famous red packages. Okay.

  • canminuteman

    Out of curiosity, I looked up what the motto was on the Canadian army chaplains badge because I remember the badge looking the same. The Canadian army chaplains badge has changed completely from when I served, and no longer has any christian symbolism on it at all.

    • Alain

      You can thank the Liberals for that.

  • Xavier

    I’m going to have a branding iron made with a Cross of Toulouse, which is similar to the badge shown, as a conversion, er, conversation piece.

  • Alain

    OMG! Is there no end to the insanity of Western countries?

  • simus1

    From what I’ve heard, army holy men are more a source of amusement than anything else. Except the ones who think their job also involves carrying tales to scum reporters who love getting the dirt, real or imagined, out to the antiwar breathless leftwing imbeciles.

  • Gary

    The easy way to solve this is to remove the muslims.

  • andycanuck

    I think Oz’s backbenchers are going to come to regret their coup against Abbott sometime before the next federal election there.