There is a clear link between Islam and terrorism. It’s up to all of us to break it

BBC presenter Andrew Neil delivered the greatest opening to a political current affairs program in the history of British broadcasting the other day.

It was passionate. It was uncompromising. It smashed to pieces the notion that there is any moral equivalence between ourselves and the butchers of the Bataclan.

And of course, because of that, Andrew Neil has had to spend the morning on Twitter defending himself from the charge his commentary was an attack on Islam in general, and members of the Muslim community in particular.

  • Icebow

    I wasn’t happy with the way he treated Tommy Robinson, but this was spot-on of course.

    • Yes it was.

    • Sekigahara

      His treatment of Paul Weston (Liberty GB) was also very condescending to say the least.

  • dukestreet

    Nice to see that someone is actually recognizing the truth. Too bad that our politicians will continue to betray us. Watched CBC for the weather tonight & had to turn it off because of all the ” poor Muslims subjected to prejudice” coverage. Where is the coverage about all the “Christians & Jews to prejudice” coverage? Especially since Muslims have been killing them not just talking to or about them. I am sick of all the special privileges being given to people whose religion tells them to kill us all.

    • V10_Rob

      The solution is simple: Christians (and Jews) need to start taking heads.

      Just watch how fast ‘tolerance and respect’ returns when the useful idiots and media whores dare not speak a discouraging word about those faiths either..

      • Zaba

        The solution is simple: Ban islam!

    • Zaba

      special privileges being given to people whose religion
      ells them to kill us all.
      ironic, eh?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘we can fight to reclaim faith from the fanatics’
    That line invalidates his argument.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Concerning the BBC, the stopped clock principle in action.

  • mobuyus

    Holy fuck there’s a difference between an islamic terrorist and an islamist terrorist?

  • V10_Rob

    Andrew, your mistake was trying to engage with the dissenters afterwards. You’re talking to (literally) mentally deranged SJWs and shills with a vested interested in perpetuating the narrative (devout Islamists and bureaucratic drones).

    I applaud your attempt to keep things intellectually honest and open, but your opponents don’t play by such civil and honorable rules.

    • Zaba

      your opponents don’t play by such civil and honorable rules.

      islam contains no ethics, no golden rule

    • John

      It’s time we completely ignored the objections coming from islamists and bureaucrats when brutal truths are expressed. They whine about everything and responding to them is a total waste of time.

  • Zaba

    I put up a few comments over at the Telegraph.
    Perhaps they’ll stick.

    Also Discus there.