Staggering Figures Show Wall Street ‘Knew’ Attacks Were Coming

No, this is not a conspiracy theory. But for critics of President Obama’s weak response to the tragedy in Paris or of his overall foreign policy, here is some concrete evidence that their criticism is valid and shared by other nations.

In February 2014, I wrote a column suggesting that despite the president’s belief “that troops have returned home and that promises to end wars abroad have been kept, the reality is that the rest of the world is busy arming itself … preparing for any hostile circumstances from any number of newly emerging threats … the world seems very much in a state of war.”

  • mauser 98

    …and ISIS knew these attacks were coming
    ….US air strike warning given to ISIS drivers

    “in an effort to warn the truck drivers to leave the area in
    advance of Sunday’s attacks, leaflets were dropped and coalition planes
    conducted low-level ‘show of force’ flights over the site,” reports AP.”


  • ontario john

    CNN is now reporting that one of the attackers visited the U.S. and that at least two of the attackers are now known to have come through Greece posing as refugees. But I’m sure we don’t have to worry about that in Happy Ways Canada. We are getting only good refugees. Liberals don’t lie.

    • Maggat

      “Liberals don’t lie” Is that something new?

      • Alain

        Let us just say Liberals have a truth disability.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Churchill called it a terminological inexactitude.

  • Alain

    Rather late to discover that there is, and has been for quiet some time, a state of war. Denying it does not make it go away. Two enemies declared war on the rest of the world, and both share an almost identical ideology and goals. They are communism and Islam, and they are totally serious about taking control and destroying all individual liberty and freedom. The communists, or socialists/leftists as some call them, are the ones who have not only allowed but encouraged the invasion of Muslims into non Muslim countries seeing them as an ally and thinking when the dust settles the communists will be in control. Without dealing with the enemy within, the communists/socialists/leftists, we stand no chance of dealing with the threat of Islam.