‘I’ll warm myself on fire of revenge’: Hatred hangs in ruins of Iraq’s Sinjar

The picnic tables on the mountainside overlooking the town of Sinjar are a vestige of a time when different communities lived side by side in this corner of northwestern Iraq.

That was before Islamic State militants overran the area in August last year, purging its Yazidi population and turning neighbor against neighbor. The town was retaken last week, but the damage to relations between its former inhabitants may be irreparable.

Empty pick-up trucks descend to the town and return laden with everything from satellite dishes to tricycles pillaged from the homes of Sunni Muslims whom Yazidis accuse of collaborating in the atrocities committed against them.


And how many of those Sunni are now “refugees”?

  • Martin B

    If Jihadi Justin has his way, those Sunnis will be your new neighbours.