Why the Syrians Can’t Be Admitted

To Listen to the administration and the three Democratic presidential candidates, those who are opposing the acceptance of Syrian refugees are trashing the country’s tradition of compassion if not engaging in prejudice. They accuse the 28 state governors who are trying to prevent the administration from bringing refugees into their states of pandering to the fears of misguided citizens. The calls from, as of this moment, 27 Republicans and one Democratic governor, are being put down as a politicians playing to isolationist mobs. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum even weighed in on the subject saying those opposing admission of the Syrians should remember the way America failed to aid Jewish refugees before and during the Second World War. That’s a powerful argument. Or would be if the two situations were similar. But they aren’t. Those echoing President Obama’s sentiments about America’s “moral obligation” to take in the Syrians are the ones who need to take a deep breath and think about what they’re saying, not the opponents of this policy. All the rhetoric we’re hearing today about compassion needs to be balanced with a dose of common sense.

  • Martin B

    Just look at them. Turkeys cheering for thanksgiving.

    • Alain

      No, I can say from experience that turkeys are smarter.