Paris Attacks Are Only the Beginning

The Paris attacks will change nothing less than the lives, perceptions, ways of living, and moral and economic goals of the peoples of a whole continent.

The calculus of the attacks puts to rest the notion of multiculturalism.

Most of the jihadists responsible come from Belgium — they were born and raised in the French-speaking cultural and language background.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Belgium is probably the most BORING country in Europe. When I first went, I thought I had stepped into a Black-and-White photograph! It is THAT colourless! I am surprised that Belgians have not figured more prominently in crime stats across Europe. A two-week stay in Belgium is enough to cure one of EVER wanting to return. In two words, Belgium sucks. It really, really does. I almost have a bit of sympathy for this jihadist due to his Belgian experience. I suspect being raised in Belgium would have had a nefarious impact on most of us.

    By the way, if this offends anyone, I am genuinely sorry. My take on Belgium certainly disappointed my Belgian relatives at the time. Most have since emigrated to the USA, Canada or Australia. Now, when we speak, they AGREE with me about Belgium having experienced “life in living colour” elsewhere.

    • Actually I enjoyed Belgium – its parks, its buildings, its museums, its beaches, etc. Quite a beautiful European country. The only horrible thing is the Muslim neighborhoods.

      • Justin St.Denis

        My experience was in the mid-1980s. Perhaps it got better thereafter. My relatives certainly agree that LEAVING Belgium was the best move of their lives, and they were bilingual French/Flemish! To each his own, I suppose.

        • I have a cousin there. I visited her a couple of times a dozen years ago. She took me all over with her car. She likes it there.

  • Europe will be going through a lot more pain and suffering before it gets wise about the incompatibility of Muslims and the treason of leftists, and does something about them. With the media and most political power in leftist hands shaping the narrative, there’s still a long and hard way to go. I’d say all this Paris excitement will be forgotten in two or three weeks (as was the January attack), until the next terrorist attack somewhere. Until a few thousand or a few hundred thousand are killed don’t expect a big reaction.

    • Censored_EG

      I agree with this assessment. Unfortunately, many more hundreds will have to die in Europe before anything substantial is done to really address the problem of Islam.

      • I don’t think hundreds will suffice to change attitudes, i.e. break through the rampant PC lies and self-delusions about the Muslim segment of the population.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let’s start saying that the problem isn’t Islam at all, it’s those violent retards in Belgium. Fucking waffle eating bike riding bastards.

  • Ali

    If France doesn’t want attacks maybe they should expel all the jews? Europe might try the same?

    • Many Jews will be leaving of their own free will, Ali. They won’t be waiting for the likes of you to kill them, enslave them, rape them, etc. Jews don’t enjoy the company of thugs. Then Europe will become a hellhole fit for the Muslims, the kind of place they are used to. Jews can build a heaven wherever they go.

      • Alex

        Yes, Jews (generally speaking, of course) are creative, smart, hard-working, law-abiding and prosperous: They have the Midas touch. On the other hand, Muslims typically seem to have the Midas touch in reverse – inverse alchemy, turning gold into lead, wherever they are a large percentage of the population.