Molenbeek: The Heart of European Jihad

Molenbeek: Thank You, Philippe!

Alain Destexhe, a senator for the MR[1] party speaks his mind

In the wake of the Paris terrorist outrage, the name of Molenbeek has become notorious throughout the whole world in the space of one weekend.

From Brazil to China and from Canada to South-Africa, journalists are discovering a hotbed of Muslim radicalisation in the heart of the capital city of Europe.

Still, there is nothing new under the sun. For those who wanted to be informed, the situation was blatantly obvious. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the name of Molenbeek has cropped up on a regular basis in most of the terror plots that had connections with Belgium. Among the most well-known are the assassination of Commander Massoud in Afghanistan two days before September 11th, 2001, the colourful sheik Bassam and his Belgian Islamic Centre, the 2004 terrorist attacks in Madrid and more recently the shooting by the Algerian-French Nemmouche at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the Verviers cell, or the thwarted attack aboard the Thalys train…

As we say: “In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. Not so in Belgium: those who tried to lift the veil did so on their own and in great isolation. In 2008, a book written by the Flemish journalist of Moroccan origin Hind Fraihi and entitled ““En sous-marin dans le petit Maroc, (Under cover in little Morocco)” was already offering proofs of the radicalisation of young Muslim men in Molenbeek.


NB – A reader, whose name I unfortunately forget and who deserves all the credit, first brought this article to my attention, my pidkin French allowed me to realize it was worthy of a proper translation and so I sent it it around to our vast counter-jihad network…

  • simus1

    The wisest move re Belgium would involve dividing the country between Holland and France minus Brussels. That “capital city of Europe” should have an extremely high wall built around it and the screams of its starving pro Euro inhabitants ignored.

  • John

    I linked to that in a comment on another thread two days ago.
    The original article in french.

    Philippe Moureaux, the beatnik Marxist thug that ran Molenbeek for 20-odd years, should be behind bars. He divorced his first wife and then, at the age of 73, married an Arab women only 37 years his junior. I assume he’s converted.

    And like Roger Garaudy, another Marxist thug who converted, Moureaux admired Stalin.

    He was also responsible for the passage of “anti-hate” laws back in ’81, laws that targeted people opposing Belgium’s almost uncontrolled immigration.