Dear Prime Minister Trudeau: Am I a Racist?

What race is “Muslim?”

  • Morticiaa

    Now he’s quoting ‘intolerance’ as a crime
    Is that a thought crime, or just verbal expression of
    Any view that the liberals don’t like
    As they begin to try to reprogram
    The masses to be one big single Nass
    Of jelly like substance all conditioned
    To never think critically about
    The implications of any actions
    Fuck Trudeau
    Fuck the Syrian cowards who refuse
    To stay and fight for their country
    Fuck the Islamic crackpots in this country
    And fuck anyone who says I’m intolerant
    When I’ just a peace lovin prairie gal who
    Thinks we should all be carrying guns
    Our foreign policy will not make any
    Difference in whether or not these
    Murderers strike here again
    In fact there have already been two
    Terrorists murdered in Ontario, Toronto
    And one wearing a vest, but the newspeak
    Controlled governments have labelled these
    Attacks as just crazy people, but the cops killed
    Them so end of story
    And nothing in the news about the truth of
    What really happened

    • Denis

      thank you for expressing my feelings better than I could!

    • Clink9

      I want that T shirt.

  • Achmed

    Let’s hope the Human Rights commissions crack down on and decide on huge settlements against all the Islamophobes in Canada!

  • ontario john

    But Justin is such a “Hottie”. The media is excited at how he is mobbed for selfies and is best friends now with Obama. Sunny Ways are here. Just forget that he has only half a brain, and his only job in life was as a part time drama teacher.

    • Not hot, not smart, just a waste.

    • Alain

      Do not be surprised if this year for the first time we see the media party and all the wacko leftists celebrating in public the nativity. No, I do not mean the tradition one but the one of the arrested child Trudeau.

    • Petrilia

      Am I the only Canadian pretty sick of his little breathy girly voice? What were the other leaders thinking?

      • Clink9

        Heh. Even my lefty sister is sickened by the sight and sound of Trulander. If we’re lucky he”ll wear out his welcome in 4 years.

      • THANK YOU!

    • Judea

      If he can achieve all he’s done with half a brain, then he could move mountains with a full one. He’s such an improvement on the moronic bigot that preceded him. But I don’t expect a con to understand that.

  • Trulander went for the lowest common denominator, as does his “American” counterpart, because he is a useless mouth-breather.

    In fact, ANY Liberal/liberal/leftist who reduces any argument in such a way should be confronted to the point that they would rather let Ebola in their homes than ever mention such claptrap again.

  • mauser 98

    white = guilty

  • Canadian

    I guess that I became a racist years ago, when I told a couple of jehova`s witnnesses that I never wanted to see them again enter my driveway.

  • Blazing Fire

    No, you’re not racist. You’re just a fucking idiot.