Czech President Warns Against ‘Culture Of Murderers’ At Anti-Islam Protest

Czech President Milos Zeman addressed thousands of people at a protest organized by a group called Bloc Against Islam, warning against immigrants who belonged to a “culture of murderers and religious hatred.” The event was held on November 17, a state holiday marking the 1989 Velvet Revolution which toppled the country’s then-communist regime.

  • Martin B

    Zeman and Orban are on one side in the battle for Western civilization, Obama and Merkel are on the other.

  • lolwut?

    Who is he talking about when he says “Compatible” and “NOT a cultural of murderers”… is he talking about the people they do let in or Muslims?

    If at that moment he’s talking about Muslim then the media is deliberately

    • Martin B

      He is pointing out that previous immigrants have found a place in Czech society because those immigrants did not come from a culture of murderers and religious hatred.

  • Petr

    He is old and his health is bad, and yet he has more spine than all the Eurocrats put together.

  • Alain

    Upon being told of this, our PM wet his pants.