A letter from Paris…

A reader has family in Paris, they are lifelong residents. This excerpt of a note between them is from his cousin. Her grandparents, Jews, survived the German occupation of WW II.

Oui, beaucoup sont français par naissance mais détestent leur pays tout en profitant de tous les avantages qu’il leur apporte. Au cours du dernier match de football France Algérie, une partie du public a sifflé la Marseillaise. De plus en plus d’hommes agressent les médecins parce qu’ils refusent que des hommes soignent leur femme.

En France, avec de la volonté, tout le monde peut faire des études et réussir mais il est plus rentable de faire le dealer, même pour des enfants de 10 ans.

Mais je pense que le plus grave c’est le prosélytisme incroyable qui est exercé. Il y a de nombreuses conversions, notamment chez les femmes qui aussitôt portent le voile. C’est comme une secte et la société est trop laxiste face à ce problème. L’islamiste français tué à Paris a été condamné 8 fois pour divers délits, il était même fiché comme djiahdiste mais n’a jamais fait de prison.

Ils estiment que la loi du Coran est au-dessus de la loi de la République ce qui est insupportable surtout à l’école où les enseignants ne peuvent pas aborder tous les sujets du programme scolaire.
Les syriens réfugiés ont été élevés dans la haine d’Israël et des juifs. C’est donc très dangereux et le Canada doit se méfier s’il veut préserver son identité et sa démocratie. J’espère que Trudeau fera preuve de sagesse. Il y a le coeur et il y a la tête, il faut savoir concilier les deux !

Gros bisous​


Yes, many are French by birth but hate their country while enjoying all the benefits it brings. During the last football match France Algeria, some of the audience whistled (form of booing) the Marseillaise. More and more men are assaulting doctors because they refuse that men treat their wives.

In France, with willpower, everyone can get an education and be successful but it is more profitable to (be a drug) dealer, even for 10 year olds.

There are many conversions, especially in women who wear the veil immediately. It’s like a cult and society is too lax face this problem. French Islamist killed in Paris was convicted 8 times for various offenses, he even stuck as djiahdiste but never did jail.

They believe that the Koran is the law above the law of the Republic which is unbearable especially at school where teachers can not tackle all the subjects of the curriculum. Syrian refugees were brought up in hatred of Israel and Jews.

It is very dangerous and Canada should be wary if he wants to preserve its identity and its democracy. I hope that wisdom will find Trudeau.

You have a heart and a head , you have to use both!


  • mauser 98

    “I hope that wisdom will find Trudeau.”

    • It’s a faint hope.

      • mobuyus

        Ya when shrimp learn to whistle.

    • Wisdom may find him but he will still be too dumb to recognize it.

    • BillyHW

      That’s your typical woman voter.

      • P_F


  • He is arrogant. He refuses to learn or even acknowledge that he knows so very, very, very little.

    That is the nicest thing I can say about him.

    • Waffle

      What is so dangerous about him and what scares the hell out of me is that his narcissism is manipulated by the evil men who “advise” him and pull his strings. G-d bless Brad Wall for having the guts to stand up to him. I ca’t help but wonder, why the rush to keep his election promise? What is that really all about? He hasn’t kept any others. I thought he promised our First Nations that we would ensure potable water on their reserves and now he is kicking our soldiers out of their barracks? I think we are all missing something here.

      • What should scare you is the legions of morons who follow him. People like Trudeau have always had powerful backers. It’s frightening but these backers and their puppets would not get far if they had no one to fall for their wickedness.

        • Waffle

          The MSM has a lot to answer for with that. They have been primarily responsible for shaping the narrative. And, as you are well aware, most people look to the MSM for their news and absorb the MSM viewpoint seamlessly — i.e. people think they are getting unbiased news — most do not realize they are not. I think the goal of those who manipulated this election was always to to get Trudeau elected. It never was “anybody but Harper”. That was just ‘starter fluid’. That Harper withstood the brutal body blows for as long as he did was truly admirable. Yes, I am afraid. Very afraid.

          • Yes and no.

            We live in an age of high literacy rates and access to information not seen in ages passed. If a prospective voter can’t take the time to look anything and everything about his choice of candidate, the fault is with HIS ignorance and willfulness.

            I’m not saying the popular press doesn’t help but it’s not always those morons.

          • Waffle

            Yes, the voters are morons because they swallowed the propaganda wholesale and I doubt if many of them bothered to do any kind of research and do any kind of independent thinking.

            You say we live in n age of high literacy rates. Well, that depends on what you mean by literacy. Let me share a little story with you:
            Just after 9/11 I worked as a marker for the EQAO marking the Ontario grade 10 literacy tests. I came across a short essay that a student was required to write about the Trans-Canada trail. The response I read was about the Trans-Canada railway and the student had chosen to use the occasion as a platform for writing about the discrimination that blacks were subjected to in their employment on the trains. Stunned, I asked the supervisor how I should mark it — there were only 2 choices — right or wrong. He told me to mark it “right”.

            And yes, we have unprecedented access to information, but how many of us bother? And how many of us unquestionably accept the entries in Wikipedia as gospel?

            In my experience as a canvasser on numerous campaigns, voter choices boil down to whether they “like” the candidate or not (usually based on a photo or tv appearance they’ve seen) and what their friends or relatives tell them. Critical thinking? Meh!

          • Let’s just say literacy is used in the weakest sense of the word and leave it at that.

            It explains why people vote for the fluffiest candidates.

      • Exile1981

        Yes but if the troops are moved off base and the weapons are not, then the number of non muslims on bases will be way less than the number of jihadis. If they capture arms and bases then the fight would be 90% over.

        Watch and wait to see which bases are housing the refugees. I predict it will be main line bases and not training bases.

    • Xavier

      Obama is the same. He refuses to listen to or read intelligence breifings on groups that he has already made up his mind about.

  • simus1

    Jews who remain in Europe after the warning signs of this past year have a death wish.

    • Censored_EG

      I think that many non-Jews, too, who stay in Europe are facing a dark future. Jews are just the canaries in the coal mine.

  • infedel

    “They believe that the Koran is the law above the law of the Republic
    which is unbearable especially at school where teachers can not tackle
    all the subjects of the curriculum.” Just say NO. They do in their lands UN-apologetically and demand in western neighborhoods — will you give up your ancient lands fought for and developed by your fore fathers and given to you as your rightful heritage because you do not want to be called a name by the self appointed political and msm elite. Your children will curse you as weak fools.

  • Censored_EG

    This letter confirms what many of us already know:

    (1) many Muslims born in France, probably a substantial majority, hate the country of their birth and do not consider themselves to be French

    (2) most Muslims use the benefits of the welfare state while hating France

    (3) in sports matches when France plays, for example, Algeria, in a soccer math the latter team is supported while the French team is loathed

    (4) Muslims are actively converting French (nominal Catholics) to Islam, and it functions like a cult; many female converts begin immediately wearing the hijab

    (5) Syrian refugees, really a catch-all phrase for all Muslim immigrants to France, hate Israel and Jews and everything the west has to offer except for welfare

    (6) the French curriculum cannot be taught at school properly

    (7) Muslims born in France or who move to France consider the Koran to be the highest form of authority, over and above the laws of the Republic

    (8) the French system of justice is very easy on Muslims and radical Islamists

    (9) Trudeau is a phenomenal idiot for wanting any migrants in Canada as it endangers Canada in many ways

    Thanks for posting, BCF!