US slips again in world freedom index

From civil liberties lawyer Bob Barr:

According to the Human Freedom Index, a report issued by the Cato Institute’s Ian Vasquez and the Visio Institut, and which measures the level of personal and economic freedom in countries around the world, the country that once held high the torch of freedom in the world, now ranks 20th; behind countries such as Hong Kong, Canada, the U.K., Germany, Mauritius, and 14 others.

Consider for a moment the current presidential campaign being waged by Donald Trump. Despite religious freedom being one of the principles on which the United States was founded, Trump’s reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris is to call for the closing of U.S. mosques. Trump’s fellow neophyte presidential candidate Ben Carson, seemingly unaware of the dangerous precedent of using bureaucrats as speech police, has suggested using the Department of Education to “monitor” political bias on college campuses. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush trumpets his desire to go back in time and kill “Baby Hitler.”

Democrats are not in any better shape. Their nominee-in-waiting, Hillary Clinton, is a crony corporatist whose sense of civil and personal liberties is guided by whatever position is polling best that day. The Democrat’s back up, Bernie Sanders, is an avowed socialist wailing constantly for “free” everything, and idiotically fixated on “climate change” as the most dire and immediate threat facing the country.

Depth of leadership at the top is hardly an environment in which freedom can survive for long; and indeed it isn’t, as the Freedom Index chronicles. More.

Reality check: The politicians aren’t stupid; they know that such policies no longer produce outrage. Freedom no longer ranks very high among younger Americans, compared to the reassurance that the government will look after them. Free abortions and free pot, yes, but freedom of speech no,

Because they wouldn’t ever say anything politically incorrect if they could help it anyway, right? And whoever does, deserves what they get.

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