The Quran and the Siege of Paris

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    The media in Toronto are in overdrive on Muslims this morning – Toronto Star and Crescent – interviews with Muslim victims of discrimination. Article in the Life section about a wonderful Syrian who makes boiled lamb in his restaurant. Articles on how the evil Republican Governors in US States are refusing Syrian refugees and how they predict anti-refugee backlash to grow in Canada. (One hidden gem – US lawmakers watching Canada closely in the event we take too many refugees and don’t screen properly the US Govt may have to look at Canadian borders and how to increase security …. soon we may need a visa to shuffle off to Buffalo for a day trip shopping!

    CFRB – John (the sexual orientation unknown) Moore – big speech on how they pulled out old letters to the editor about Jewish immigration in the 30’s and how the sentiments were the same as they are today about Syrians (The idiot neglects to mention that the Jewish refugees didn’t want to kill anybody and didn’t call anybody infidels or sons of monkeys and pigs). His guest – gave a big speech about lots of work for Syrian refugees doing farm work and other work Canadians don’t want to do, especially in Windsor Essex – except the dope neglects to mention that most of the immigrants are headed to the GTA as evidenced by articles in the Star about St. Jamestown area schools bringing in extra Arabic interpreters in preparation and another article how all GTA area municipalities are preparing.

    Before I forget – the Star asked me to remind all of you to attend “Supper for Syria” to raise money for Syrian refugees coming to Toronto:

    • mauser 98

      Moore is the most pompous SOB

      first ones the Syrians can move in with below

  • Ron MacDonald

    BREAKING: Turkish fans boo silence for Paris Attacks, Chant Allahu Akbar before Turkey/Greece game