Steve Sailer: Four Ways to Save Europe

…in 1959 Charles de Gaulle was advised that the way to hang on to the restive French colony of Algeria was to fully integrate it into the French state. De Gaulle answered:

It is very good that there are yellow French, black French, brown French. They show that France is open to all races and has a universal vocation. But [it is good] on condition that they remain a small minority. Otherwise, France would no longer be France….

Arabs are Arabs, the French are French. Do you think the French body politic can absorb ten million Muslims, who tomorrow will be twenty million, after tomorrow forty? If we integrated, if all the Arabs and Berbers of Algeria were considered French, would you prevent them to settle in France, where the standard of living is so much higher? My village would no longer be called Colombey-The-Two-Churches but Colombey-The-Two-Mosques.

Today, obviously, we know far better than de Gaulle did. President Obama, for example, was shocked by Jeb Bush’s suggestion that America “should focus our efforts as it relates to refugees on the Christians that are being slaughtered.” The ex-Muslim president immediately shamed the Republican candidate for his concern for the victims of the anti-Christian slaughter being perpetrated by Muslims:

“When I heard political leaders suggest that there would be a religious test for which a person who’s fleeing a warn-torn [sic] country is admitted…that’s shameful,” Obama said, growing visibly heated. “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.


  • simus1

    ex muslim?
    When did this happen?
    Who squealed?

  • Obama has failed the religious test and been uncovered as a de facto Muslim a long time ago, and should be deported back to his native Kenya on this basis. And if we look at all his works, it is obvious that he should be languishing in Guantanamo Bay for the rest of his days, as he is a very successful jihadist, who has penetrated the highest spheres of Westerndom.

  • El Martyachi