Saudi Wahhabi dilemma in spotlight after Paris attack

“…Wahhabism, the kingdom’s official ultra-conservative Sunni Muslim school, regards Shi’ism as heretical, lauds the concept of jihad and urges hatred of infidels. Its clerics run the Saudi justice system and have funds to spread their influence abroad.

“Muslims should be fair to non-Muslims. They can do business with them and should not attack them. But that does not mean they should not hate them and avoid them,” a senior Saudi cleric said in a background discussion with Reuters last year.”


Saudi is a major terrorism funder.

Beyond that and more insidiously they splash money throughout western institutions.

Money that’s happily lapped up by our “betters”.

  • Blacksmith

    And encouraged by western governments. Which is why if sanity ever prevails and the west gets serious Mecca should be one of the first targets for nukes.

  • canminuteman

    It would be nice if we could get the Russians to unleach their Blackjack bombers on Mecca like they did on Syria. There is a good chance of it happening in the next decade.

  • Xavier

    If we could drill for oil, we could cut off Soddy influence in government. So, yeah, that’ll never happen.

  • Ken

    The difference between IS and Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia has better shopping malls.

    • Gary

      The main difference is that Saudi’s are Arab Sunni’s that will NEVER see Blacks as true muslims that are equal to them.
      ISIS loves Obama and they love Justin which is odd because Justin is a quasi-Liberal that supports everything ISIS hates .

      • Justin St.Denis

        Gary, Saudis hate Sunnis, Learn to read.

  • Gary

    Justin has his Whahhabi buddies in the Sunni Mosques in Quebec where the muslims there continue to support the Imam who condone child-bride pedophilia, killing gays, flogging women and the Jihad to make the Earth Muslim-only as a Caliphate ruled by the barbaric sharia law.

    Muhamad him self could come back to life and hold a quran to cite verses and praise allah in arabic as he beheads a gay jew next to a prayer rug and Liberals ( Justin) would still claim it has nothing to do with islam or muhammad being a muslim.

    Barbara Hall had helped the death-cult sect of islam spread Sharia and get the Status in the Charter as Equal to a Religion where it is now a crime to oppose the Grand Jihad to make Canada an islamic State.
    She will be one of the first groups to have her head sawed off by a dull knife as hooded men praise allah in arabic .
    So I guess to some people….it’s not ALL bad news.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I hope they film Babs Hall’s beheading. It will make for very satisfying viewing for many.

  • Minicapt
  • Justin St.Denis

    Saudi Arabia needs nuking. Has for decades. Neutron bombs leave the real estate untouched/undamaged, but would remove the feral Saudi life form from the face of the earth.

  • Micky C.

    The scimitar almost seems humane compared to the rusty dull ass knives ISIS uses to behead their victims.