Politicians are finally starting to admit a link between Islam and the extremists

One step forward, one step back.

Theresa May says in Parliament that the Paris attacks have ‘nothing to do with Islam’. And on the same day, later in the evening, her boss quite rightly says: ‘It is not good enough to say simply that Islam is a religion of peace and then to deny any connection between the religion of Islam and the extremists.

Why? Because these extremists are self-identifying as Muslims.’

  • occupant 9

    These so-called “extremists” “self-identify” as Muslims no less and no more than the millions of Muslims that have invaded, by invitation(!), we assume/rationalize/equivocate/pray are “moderate.”

    The truth is, we have no way of knowing because Islam blesses deception. That little wrinkle is what the west needs to use to be “better safe than sorry” regarding settling any Muslim in any free nation.

    Yes, we are well beyond the point of betrayal by our elected and unelected officials. Harper was proud of the suicide-pact of accelerated Muslim immivasion and extended familiy reunification. The Vast Idiot Trudeau can’t wait to demonstrate how dangerously serious his delusion is.

    Leonard Cohen was right and he sang it in 1994, “I’ve seen the future baby, it is murder.”

    • Maneki-neko

      I was discussing this with a “progressive” recently. He agreed that the “fundamentalist” Muslims (over there) are scary & oppressive, but somehow couldn’t imagine that any significant number of the ones over here would hold similar beliefs.

      They said preventing 9-11 was a failure of the imagination. I suspect it’s deeper. Cognitive bias, or similar phenomena. Possibly related to Islam’s split Mecca/Medina persona. Cognitive dissonance, perhaps.

  • Maneki-neko

    They know which way the political winds are blowing.

    • V10_Rob

      Only those totally disconnected from reality are still pushing the ‘it has nothing to do with islam’ whopper. The rest are able recognize they look like fools when they say it, so they need to toss us a bone and admit that some of the suspects may have been muslim at some point.