Majority Do Not Want U.S. to Accept Syrian Refugees In Wake of Paris Attacks

As President Obama pushes forward with his plan to accept thousands of Syrian refugees following the Paris terror attacks, a majority of Americans want the U.S. to block migrants entering the homeland from Syria.

Bloomberg Politics national poll released Wednesday that was conducted in the aftermath of the Paris attacks found that 53 percent of American adults believe that the best approach for the U.S. to deal with refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria would be to not accept them. A strong majority of 69 percent of Republicans want the U.S. to block the Syrian refugees, while only 36 percent of Democrats agree.

  • Xavier

    Obama will compromise, like he always does.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He never compromises.
      The Republicans bend over for some sweet sweet Reggie Love.

      • Xavier

        That is how Obama compromises, like he always does.

    • Yea he;ll compromise with the Muslims and accept even more.

  • WalterBannon

    the best approach for the U.S. to deal with jihadi colonists fleeing the business as usual in Syria would be to drop napalm on them

    • bob e

      or willie pete

      • mobuyus

        I’d like to send a stonk of Coal boxes some Black Johnstons and a few Wiz-Bangs his way.

  • bob e

    why is obama going great guns to do this absurd thing ?? what’s in the cards ??

  • Pavelina

    Anyone who studies Islam’s history knows that in any group of muslims, some of them will be violent. They’re called the “enforcers” of Islam. Moderates are afraid of them.
    Think of it this way: if someone gave you a bowl of candy and told you some of the candies were poisoned, would you eat any of them? By inviting muslims to live in your country, you are playing russian roulette.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The less people agree with him the more he will do it. Obama is a tyrant and that’s what tyrants do.