I’m likin this woman

Jacqui Lambie says grand mufti should be forced to wear ankle monitor

The grand mufti of Australia should be monitored using an electronic anklet, and incoming Syrian refugees should be subjected to tougher security tests, the independent senator Jacqui Lambie has said.

Lambie told ABC radio on Wednesday morning that new citizens should be made to swear to uphold Australian law rather than sharia.

  • phuque uguugle

    It’s the law of averages, she talks so much crap that she eventually says something intelligent. It’s inevitable <:o)

    • Mike Williams

      I was going to suggest that he look into the stupidity of this fringe politician …think Elizabeth May on steroids…sh’e the classic broken clock.

  • Hard Little Machine

    CNN interviewed her they were taken aback by her. They did not expect anyone to suggest taking direct action against these bastards.

  • Liberal Progressive

    The jihadists want us to be paranoid and to shut the doors to the refugees which is precisely why we should open the doors to even more refugees.

    • mobuyus

      WE are not paranoid or scared of jihadi’s like you panty wetting liberals we’d just love to kill them, in a very progressive manner.

    • Clink9

      Like water finding it’s level. Eventually it will be just one big toilet bowl of a planet. Disease, terror, starvation and fecal matter as far as the eye can see.

      Just like Gaza.

  • Ron MacDonald

    They should have to sign a declaration stating they understand and agree that Sharia Law shall not be practiced failing which they would be subject to a large fine.

    • Yo Mama

      And a muzzie would never practice taqiyya.

      • Ron MacDonald

        That’s why they would be subject to a large fine.

        • Yo Mama

          Does Australia have the same laws as Canada that you cannot have garnishment of fines or money owed against peoples’ government welfare and disability benefits? In which case the vast majority of them could never have the fines collected.

        • mobuyus

          There are better things to subject them to.

    • mobuyus

      I hope you wouldn’t really believe whatever they sign, they have no respect whatsoever for contract law or any law for that matter.

  • Dave

    ” Syrian refugees should be subjected to tougher tests”

    Good idea. And one test should be they must catch an RPG with their teeth.
    Wifey thinks I’m evil.

  • pop

    At least she’s saying what Aussies think.

    • Maurice Miner

      You must be joking – Lambie is utterly crazy, and a disgrace to the nation. I say this as a life-long conservative. She bounces around inane concepts, and unfortunately (as posters phuque and mike said above) occasionally those deranged ramblings come close to articulating genuine community beliefs.

      The woman is a dangerous lunatic, and a Senator for the next five years. Allah (swt) help us!