Canadian U campuses show marginal intellectual freedom improvement

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has released its 2015 Campus Freedom Index, measuring free speech at 55 Canadian public universities:

With 220 grades awarded to 55 campuses, Canada’s universities and student unions in 2015 have received only eight ‘A’ grades—only three more ‘A’ grades than were awarded in 2014. Conversely ‘F’ grades were earned 41 times: 15 times by universities, and 26 times by student unions.

Bad ‘crats! Bad! You should have scored 110 F grades!

You will be hearing from Big Gov about this.

Using a five-tier letter scale—A, B, C, D and F—the Campus Freedom Index grades universities and student unions on their stated policies (what they say) and their practices (what they do).

Special shame on Carleton U in Ottawa!:

Carleton University Students’ Association – from B to A

The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) has been improving its position in the Index steadily since 2012, when it still had speech-restricting clauses in its Discrimination on Campus Policy, which had been used to deny ratification to student groups with pro-life views. CUSA’s deliberate repudiation of this policy resulted in CUSA getting a ‘B’ for policies and a ‘B’ for practices in the 2014 Campus Freedom Index. This year, CUSA passed a new Support for Freedom of Expression Policy, based on JCCF’s template Resolution in Support of Free Expression. This move to further support free speech strengthens CUSA’s position as one of the best student unions in Canada, and combined with other past practices of defending free speech for its students, earns CUSA an ‘A’ in the practices category. More.

Send these enemies of Correct Thought to a secure precious little asshats detention centre immediately.

They will be shown by their US counterparts how to shriek at profs (see vid at link), invade campus libraries, and shred constitutions. The United States has the right idea: It has slipped well behind Canada in world freedom rankings.

I mean, how dare Carleton students think that at a time when some students feel underappreciated, they have the right to think for themselves? Here is the model they ought to be made to follow:

University of Alberta – from D to F

The University of Alberta condoned the bullying, censorship and intimidation of one of its own student groups throughout the 2014-15 school year. As explained in a filed affidavit sworn by Amberlee Nicol, a student at the University of Alberta, throughout the 2014-15 school year, the University condoned numerous violations of the Code of Student Behaviour, including the vandalism and destruction of U Alberta Pro-Life’s posters; incitement to inappropriate and criminal behaviour; obstruction and disruption of a University-related activity, namely a peaceful, educational display on campus. More.

All students whose U’s receive an F should get a free copy of the Newspeak Dictionary, and a manual guiding them through life as a member of the Inner Party.

Reality question: What difference will Justin Trudeau’s overwhelming victory make? What lesson will it send? After all, we’ve only had Justin for a few weeks; the Yanks have had Obama  for about eight years.

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  • terrence

    Today’s university students are leading the pack in FEELING entitled to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and they FEEL they want. This includes feeling OFFENDED by anything and everything.

  • Clausewitz

    I run two courses at a University. History of Napoleonic Warfare, and British Naval History from 1650 to 1900. When papers are presented and the student gets a poor mark, the first thing they do is ask me to show them where they lost marks. The assumption is that they start off with 100% and only lose marks. Once you inform them that they start out with nothing and actually earn their mark, about half start to understand, unfortunately the other half go complain to mommy and daddy, and then to the Dean. When I bring in their term papers to the Dean, the complaints tend to vanish quickly.