Bosnia arrests 3 Muslim war criminals

SARAJEVO:Bosnian police on Tuesday arrested three Muslim men for war crimes against ethnic Serb civilians during the country’s 1990s conflict when they were serving as police and army commanders, a prosecutor said.

Two of those arrested — Esef Huric and Ibro Merkez — are suspected of involvement in the detention of about 100 ethnic Serbs in “inhumane conditions” in the eastern region of Gorazde, said a statement from Bosnia’s prosecutor for war crimes.

  • Ron MacDonald

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  • Xavier

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  • Xavier

    France is starting to clean house:

    As of the evening of Friday, Nov. 13, France has been under a state
    of emergency. In the four nights following the attacks in Paris, police
    and national security forces conducted a total of 414 raids carried out
    in French territory. Sixty-four arrests were made, leading to 60 persons
    held in custody for questioning. Additionally, 75 weapons were seized,
    including 11 weapons of war, 33 rifles, and 31 handguns. There were also
    44 drug seizures. Based on the latest reports 118 people are under
    house arrest. This information has been provided by France’s Interior
    Minister Cazeneuve, who notes that operations continue. – David