Bill Whittle: How to Stop the Civilizational Collapse

I don’t think I have to tell anybody out there that it’s not just a question of policies anymore, it’s not just a question of political reversals, not just a question of we don’t like this candidate, or we lost another election, or so on.

I think everybody in this room is fully aware of the fact that the wheels are coming off of Western civilization. The wheels are coming off. And I think everybody knows it. I don’t think you have to be a genius to see it.

  • Waffle

    If it only were that easy. There certainly is no political will — our “leaders” are irredeemably corrupt and we have tossed out those who might be able to inspire. There is no will on the part of the sheepleized populace — we are nihilistic, materialistic, pleasure-seeking fools. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

    • Brett_McS

      Another thread in Bill Whittle’s talks – and Mark Levin’s rants – is the Civil Society as something quite independent of the government and the ‘governing elite’. Bill (and Mark) urge us to focus on building up our part of the civil society. Traditionally, this is just considered a normal part of ‘civic duty’ and being a good citizen. But, our relatively recent appreciation of the Ponzi-like nature of all government programs brings a new urgency and meaning to the need to nurture the civil society and protect it from The State as it crumbles and tries to drag the society down with it. A virtuous citizenry doesn’t need more than an absolutely minimalist state.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I cannot see how this can be done without demonizing entire economic classes of people, which looks bad. But after so many years of craven politicians/politics, the lower economic classes HAVE become majoritarily uncivil, obnoxious, confrontational arseholes in my experience. This is why “municipal by-laws” are virtually never enforced by authorities afraid of being accused of “profiling”.

        A personal, illustrative anecdote.

        It took me and my neighbours over 18 months to have a disruptive, disrespectful, stoned-out trailer-trash family removed from the neighbourhood. During that time, said trailer-trash family called by-law enforcement and police on their neighbours (me and my neighbours) a total of over 300 times. This is how we learned that our local law enforcement officers would really rather be social workers. I found myself being admonished by young constables for being “closed” to “people less economically blessed than you are” ( I am actually quoting here!). Finally, when the trailer trash posted pornographic pictures on their fence facing their neighbours in a (successful) effort to disgust and piss them off, the local constabulary were polarized to judgement. While posting porn in this way is NOT illegal, we were informed, the constabulary began to take a more critical view of the trailer-trash. One month later, the town of Oro-Medonte acquired a new resident trailer trash family, and my neighbours and I began enjoying a new era of neighbourhood civility.

        • Brett_McS

          In a Civil Society good behaviour is encouraged and poor behaviour is discouraged. Bad behaviour is gradually depreciated – that’s what the melting pot does; it burns off the scum. But the government-run elements work, just like in the government itself, in the opposite way; In government, failure results in a bigger department with more staff. In the government-run sector single mothers are encouraged to have more children. But that’s why the government sectors will fail. And we must be ready to disentangle ourselves as they do. That’s part of Bill Whittle’s message that he didn’t go into in this talk.

        • DD_Austin

          Surprised poor trash was in Hockley, it went from family run ski resorts, horns and hide beef farms and open woods to toronto executive fenced mansions long ago

          It’s just MADD, Niagara Escarpment and yuppie crap now, all the original population sold out and moved north

          • Justin St.Denis

            Oh, there is an underclass in Hockley. Not everyone here is comfortably off, but you are right, Hockley is a rather monied enclave. More importantly, it is a CIVIL monied enclave. Trailer trash sticks out like a sore thumb around here, and trash behaviours are not tolerated. šŸ˜‰

  • Brett_McS

    The great Bill Whittle! The anonymous conservative blog, on which this talk is loosely based, is down at the moment (at least at my end of the internet), but they note that talks based on r/K theory are not allowed at TED. Clearly it would upset the sheep.

    I don’t know if it is a case of “to a hammer…”, but the great economist (and historian) Ludwig von Mises proposed that the final fall of Rome was an early instance of hyper-inflation and price controls gradually destroying an economy, and hence the society – the way we can see it going on in Venezuela and Zimbabwe in fast-forward.

  • Bruised Orange

    Douglas Murray and Bill Whittle on the same day….died and gone to heaven

  • Ali

    The west sealed its fate when they opposed Allah in the first world war and attacked and dismantled God’s community, the caliphate of the Ottoman Empire that shall rise again to bring peace and Allah to the world.

    • DD_Austin

      Your english needs work, it isn’t spelled “allah” it’s spelled “Satan”