Applause is a “trigger,” now shunned on campus?

In favour of discreet snapping.

From :

When a Yale student’s angry meltdown at a professor went viral, viewers may have noticed the crowd gathered and some students snapping their fingers. It’s the currently preferred method of showing approval in some circles, given complaints that traditional clapping can be “triggering,” or even painful to hands unaccustomed to work. Although the curious digital trend is catching fire with the college crowd, it is not new or confined to the U.S.

“I see it in discussion-based classes,” Brown University student Cara Dorris wrote in 2013 in her school newspaper. “When people hear an idea they agree with, they will start to snap.” More.

Reality check: Applause implies that some performances are worthy of merit. All such ideas must be toned down. Make no mistake, these kids are different. They don’t want to stand out or to achieve or to let anyone else do so. This is not your Sixties protests

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Like, far out, man. Lay it on me, Jackson.

  • Gary

    I think they are getting the youth ready for moving to Canada and watching a CBC Comedy TV show where the laughing and clapping is rare .
    Most of us almost cry at the $1,100,000,000.00 in Corporate welfare that’s wasted by the CBC and gives us a muslim employee that beat-up and rapes white non-muslim women or has a hamas-Linked rep from CAIR come on the News to do dawah and claim that 995 of muslims are peaceful and reject violence .

  • Clink9

    Here’s some finger for ya, little snowflakes.

  • Minicapt

    Bring back “up twinkles”.