Um, have you noticed that Muslims don’t like Jews?

ISIS and Benjamin Netanyahu collaborate in the mass-murder of Parisians

ISIS and Benjamin Netanyahu collaborate in the mass-murder of Parisians

The majority of Muslims do not like Jews.
How do I know this?
Well, among other things there are numerous surveys that show it. Indeed, every survey does. Ask any group of Muslims in any country (Muslim or non-Muslim) some question pertaining to Jewish things, and a large majority will come down on the anti-Jewish side. And this often means believing in kooky conspiracy theories such as that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, is responsible for anything bad that ever happens.

But to support the claim that the majority of Muslims do not like Jews, I could also give you primary sources, secondary sources, personal anecdotes about literally every Muslim I have ever known or met, historical evidence or citations from the Koran and the Hadith.

I could write a book, giving testimony on Muslim anti-semitism for any set of Muslims you want to name–fundamentalist Muslims, liberal Muslims, secular Muslims who are Muslims mostly by birth only, etc. etc.

The majority of Muslims do not like Jews. Don’t blame me, man. I didn’t do it.

Now, if you are determined to disagree, you can reject all of it by simply responding:

Well of course that’s just because of the Israeli occupation…

Does any of this bother anyone? Like, the people who want to import thousands and millions more of these guys into our societies? Germany? Does this bother you, Germany? Guess not.

  • Maneki-neko

    I don’t know how wide spread this sentiment is.

    I don’t normally read anything on AlterNet, and I didn’t realize Max Blumenthal was a “contributor” there, but after the Paris attack I was curious to check it out.

    The comment section is a hot bed of anti-Semitism & islamophilia. Lots of conspiracy theories about the U.S., Israel & the western “empire” being the “fascist” puppet masters of ISIS. One commenter seemed to love writing ZioNazi, I suppose it was meant to be read as Zionist which of is the anti-Semite’s favorite code word for Jew.

    • As far as I can tell all Muslims are anti-Semitic. Pretty much exactly as described in the piece above.

      I’m sure there’s an exception. Somewhere.

      • Maneki-neko

        I agree the vast majority of Muslims today are down with Jew hatred.

        I was wondering how widespread among the general population are conspiracy theories that blame Jews for Islamic jihad.

        I remember there were conspiracy theories after 9-11 too.

        I think these theories only serve to divide people at a time when they should unite.

        • Bernard Lewis, no notorious apologist for Islam, says this about Islamic anti-Semitism (paragraph 9, but read the whole thing):

          Another European contribution to this debate is anti-Semitism, and blaming “the Jews” for all that goes wrong. Jews in traditional Islamic societies experienced the normal constraints and occasional hazards of minority status. Until the rise and spread of Western tolerance in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, they were better off under Muslim than under Christian rule in most significant respects. With rare exceptions, where hostile stereotypes of the Jew existed in the Islamic tradition, Islamic societies tended to be contemptuous and dismissive rather than suspicious and obsessive. This made the events of 1948—the failure to prevent the establishment of the state of Israel—all the more of a shock. As some writers observed at the time, it was humiliating enough to be defeated by the great imperial powers of the West; to suffer the same fate at the hands of a contemptible gang of Jews was intolerable. Anti-Semitism and its image of the Jew as a scheming, evil monster provided a soothing antidote.

          • Maneki-neko

            The existence of the Jewish state of Israel undermines core Islamic principles of superiority.

      • Xavier

        They would have to be non-Islamic Moslems.

  • Not that I believe the Muslim propaganda about the Jews having advance notice on the terrorist attacks in France. But even if the Jews did, why blame them if they failed to act by warning the French? After all, France, like almost all Western nations, has consistently voted against Israel in the U.N. for decades. Every time Israel is attacked and she attempts to defend herself, France and the rest of the powerful members of the U.N. vote to condemn tiny Israel. I certainly wouldn’t blame Israel for hating the cowardly French.

    That being said, I don’t think it was in fact a Jewish conspiracy. It was more likely a “God conspiracy” — it’s the old Judeo-Christian biblical principle at work: “you reap what you sow”. Other religions have refered to it as “the law of Karma”. And if you happen to be secular humanist it’s the law of the street: “what goes around, comes around”.

    Whether you are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or secular humanist/Socialist/atheist such as the French, everyone is aware that there are invisible forces at work in human affairs that will judge cowards who refuse to resist evil.

  • marty_p

    Jews are the proverbial boogeymen in the world of Islam….. simple explanation is the Mo’s can’t understand how the Jews succeed in science, medicine, technology, culture while the Mo’s have stagnated for centuries – it must be due to a conspiracy to keep the “True Believers” down or because of magical powers from the devil.
    Doesn’t say much for Mo’s when “sons of monkeys and pigs” are more successful than they are.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why aren’t Jews insisting that Washington end Muslim immigration? Allah’s gangsters are a clear and present danger to Jews (as well as the rest of us), and many liberals among the tribe still seem fuzzy on the topic.

    Inviting a historic enemy of 1400 years standing into the country is unwise, to say the least.