Toronto-born Muslim Traitor who vowed to ‘destroy’ Canada in ISIL video added to INTERPOL wanted list

TORONTO — A Toronto-born 22-year-old who appeared in an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant video vowing to “destroy” Canada and the United States has been added to the INTERPOL wanted list.

Farah Mohamed Shirdon’s appearance on INTERPOL’s website comes days after the terrorist attacks in Paris claimed by ISIL and almost two months after he was charged in absentia by the RCMP.

  • FamilyInCanadaSince1649

    I’m sure he is just misunderstood. We should look for the root cause of his unhappiness, perhaps a white person (who I’m sure is was a racist bigot, aren’t we all), looked at him the wrong way. He just needs a hug and a new parka and then he will love us. Here is a flower and peace.

  • Sean

    If Nenshi was straight and wanted sons…

    • Oh fer sure;)

    • You’re saying Nenshi is a man?

      • Gary

        I found his name on a Middle East islamic website where he was touted as the first Muslim mayor in Canada for allah’s cause as part of jihad to claim Canada for islam in the future.
        I posted the link for Ezra Levant to see it for him self, Nenshi didn’t seem to oppose it because he was still being promoted for the Global Jihad a month later which I thought he would have demanded to be pulled or at least denounce it to the Canadian media.

        islamists groups seem to be watching Canada from afar for the muslims here getting into Politics as if they are actually traitors in Canada using Taqiyyah to pretend they are on our side and reject the Global caliphate.

        Ever since the Kenya mall slaughter where the Peaceful muslims in the mall chose to leave when the terrorist gave them the chance as fellow Muslims and left the Christians to be slaughter little animals…… I only trust a few muslim in Canada that would defend me in one of our malls when the islamists here go Jihad to slaughter us, the rest of them either doubt the quran and muhammads claims but fear being killed as apostates or the are gutless cowards wanting others to die for their freedoms which is evident as millions of male muslims are fleeing their homelands for safety as they leave the women and children behind .
        Lets see how many Muslims cops die in the line of fire enforcing Canada laws and Peace when a Muslim terrorist goes jihad and he’s a hostage to go free as a muslim so the jihadist can murder the non-muslims .
        I would love to see the Cop refuse top leave and tell the terrorist that islam is peace and you’ll have to kill me first.

        Good luck with that , the odds of a muslim willing to die to save a Christian in Canada is about the same odds as seeing a Muslim charged with a Hate-Crime by the Human Rights Commission for beating-up a gay jewish black women in a wheel chair .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      If Nenshi was straight!

  • Censored_EG

    I think I saw him working at a 7-11 in Mississauga Islamissauga last summer. Then again, they all look alike.

    • Gary

      It might have been Regent Parkistan at the Muslim only Rec Centre swimming pool where sharia law is enforced on Canadian soil.

      My guess for the first violent jihad war to get an islamic state in Canada is Dixon and Kipling or Regent Park which are almost islamic hell-holes as is with welfare moms pumping out Jihad-janes for the future.

  • So when will he get a Maclean’s cover photo?

    • Censored_EG

      Under Mohammed Trudeau, he’s looking at an Order of Canada.

  • Xavier

    Pictures like that make me wish they’d put cameras on the nose tips of drone missiles.

  • David Murrell

    FOX News reported a few days ago that Obama’s White House has replaced the term “juvenile delinquent” with “justice involved youth”. So we should refer to Farah Mohamed Shirdon using the latter term.

    • Gary

      And slavery was a long-term employment system with free transportation , food, room and a large exercise area in a sunny setting.

  • tom_billesley

    Interpol be bu&&ered. Chalk his name on an AGM-114. If he’s still hiding under a highway bridge, use something bigger to drop it on him.

  • ontario john

    With all the non stop coverage of islamophobia in Canada, I would like to ask one simple question. How many muslims have been killed in the West because they are muslim and how many people have been killed in the West by muslims? Hmmmmmm

  • Cat-astrophe

    All he has to do is toss the black toga, jump in with a bunch of desperate refugees on their way to Europe., and will be back in Canada with Justin blessing, and into a safe place at a University to share his experience with like minded friends.

  • bverwey

    Doesn’t he look like he is gay or something? That head scarf and dress look really well matched or something. I’ve heard his high school year book stated he wasn’t really athletic and sometimes wore make up to school.

    • mobuyus

      A solid majority of islamo-pithicine males are gay, it’s funny how they go ballistic when you point out the truth to them.

  • Gary

    He must be really devout to leave his job at the TTC or with CUPE where they accept jew-haters and hate the West and our Military more than the NDP and Liberals.

  • Edubeat

    Hello my name is salam-al-youssef-ben-mrsauga and I got bored playing video games at Sheridan College so I joined ISIS to play real ones. HI MOM!