The University of Racial Indoctrination

What do the students want? That was the question many asked as they watched American college students across the country go on protests, sit-ins and hunger-strikes over claims that administrators were not doing enough to combat racism on campus.

The movement took off last week when protests at the University of Missouri (‘Mizzou’) led to the resignation of its president, Tim Wolfe. Copycat protests then spread to many others, including Yale, Ithaca College, Claremont McKenna College and Amherst College. Reading through the lists of demands from these student groups, it is clear that they have much in common.

  • Bruised Orange

    There must be a degree offered now in college in Victimhood. Going onto a Masters of Left Wing Stupidity, followed by a PhD in life long Welfare.

    God the snowflake generation and its first world non problems. The only one that cares if you are gay, black, first nation, or a women is yourselves. Get over your fucking selves. You just are not that important.