The Paris attacks prove Charlie Hebdo’s critics wrong

“The attacks annihilated the fallacy of justified versus unjustified targets. Horrifying though the Charlie Hebdo attacks were, they allowed Parisians to believe that you had to do something to provoke the terrorists’ ire. (Not so the subsequent attack on a kosher supermarket, but that received much less attention.) On Friday night, however, all you had to do was be alive in the wrong place at the wrong time. U2’s Bono, who was due to play in Paris on Saturday, called it “the first direct hit on music”, and it was: you don’t choose the Bataclan unless you despise music and those who enjoy it. But the night was also an attack on sport, drinking, eating out, friendship and laughter. Of all the people and buildings that the terrorists might have planned to attack, they chose these. All terrorism is symbolic and this was the symbolism they wanted.”

  • Exile1981

    for every person killed france should bulldoze a mosque. Soon thete would be no more jihadu factories left.

  • Gary

    Since when did a devout muslim need an excuse to slaughter infidels.
    The quran orders it , they kill…there for they are .