Precious little asshats invade campus library


Protesters at Dartmouth University disrupted students studying in the library, reportedly directing profanity towards white students and physically pushing others.

Campus Reform managed to obtain video showing the protesters walking through the library shouting as others try to study. One of the protesters can be seen flipping off the cameraman. Another gets in the face of those who are studying demanding they say that black lives matter. More.

Reality check: If black lives matter so much, why don’t the protesters themselves study more and find out how to improve them?

By the way, how many of those students are black, relative to how many, from whatever background, understand that their role in life as enforcing “correctness” on behalf of progressive governments?

Did Dr. Ben Carson save the lives of children considered inoperable by waving a sign? Yet look at the abuse he has received.

See also: Students want non-PC speech censored

Reality check: Non-PC speech will morph into “whatever we don’t want to hear.” It can hardly do otherwise.  Non-PC activities will mean “whatever we don’t do and can persecute you for doing.”  Libraries are the perfect venue.

Advance, heroic librarians! 😉


US media think Ben Carson will cancel their remaining viewers’ food stamps cards?