Oh No! Fox pundits joke about jihadists sawing Bernie Sanders’ head off after he links climate change to terrorism

Conservative Canadian pundit Mark Steyn and Fox Business host Stuart Varney laughed at the idea of members of ISIS “sawing” the head off Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday because the Democratic presidential candidate had linked climate change to terrorism.

During the CBS Democratic presidential debate, Sanders explained how climate change could accelerate terrorism in some areas.

  • Dana Garcia
  • andycanuck

    Let’s remember there were assholes after 9/11 (just a few days after) claiming Bin Ladin did it because of the U.S. not acting on CAGW too; as well as cabinet minister Glen Murray in a twit Tweet just after Paris.

    • Gary

      I’m always amazed when Homosexuals act as if they will be spared under sharia law just because they currently side with islamsists in Canada and support the pro- Hamas groups in their PRIDE parades.

      Wynne got her MPP seat under McLiars reign by catering to the muslim immigrant population in Thorncliff Parkistan to give them the Jew-hating homophobic misogynistic Mosque in the Valley Park public school.
      This , with the approval of Barbara Hall and the TDSB while these same people crusaded to appease leftists and anti-West haters to kick Christ out of the Public schools but also want to kich Jesus out of the catholic schools.

      Wynne, Libby Davies , Glen Murray , Scott Bryson , along with the other minority groups supporting islamsist will be the first ones hanged or having their heads sawed off under Sharia Law.
      Imam Steven Rockwell was not the least bit shy to declare that Canada will be an islam state one day because Muslims are out breeding all other groups and the quran instructs them to live by Sharia law and when they have the numbers as a majority they must replace Canada’s Charter and Constitution with the Quruan and Sharia law as a Caliphate.

      In 2006 I exposed a Youth workshop for Muslims at the Muslimfest in Mississauga which was backed by the Hamas linked CAIR . The core of the teaching said it was to educate the youth about their duty to do Jihad in Canada to claim it for the caliphate which includes the soft-Jihad or Dawah and armed jihad as Martyr’s .
      Nobody in the media seemed to care , nor did the Liberal MP Parrish that promoted the annual event and told a Arab news outlet in Canada that non -muslims could benefit from it to learn tolerance .
      CAIR had also posted a notice that it was Legal and Halal to donate their Zakat for the war effort in Lebanon ( translation: get money out of Canada to fund Hezballah terrorism ) to help widows and orphans.
      The islamists appear to be inside all our Levels of security and Politic to de-ball the system while they also coach muslims to use the Human Rights Commissions to spread Sharia Law and do dawah at work along with forcing the Police to file a bogus Hate-Crime report to be used for Taqiyyah and play the victim.

      Justin is either complicit or a certified Dolt and a Hollow Men (TSE) that wears a Suit as his strings are pulled to move his mouth as words from his masters come out.

      Justin is the one on the left.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Nah, they would saw off Bernie Sanders’s head because he is a Jew.

  • occupant 9

    I clicked over to the link and read some of the comments from the Leftards. In summary, we’ve got ourselves a civil war brewing because the hate on the Left is unbounded. Their denial of facts is tremendous and their hyperbole is fantastic; the many comments calling for Steyn’s jailing and/or for Fox to be shut down is very, very enlightening. The Left has as much tolerance for their domestic adversaries as the moon has cheese, or Islam has peace.

    To the Left, it is to ruin America if America is returned to those who built it. There is nothing that the Left doesn’t feel they have a superior take on, information or the rollout of chronological history be damned.

    • Xavier

      They don’t care if you agree as long as they can shut you up.

      Somebody hold the rope I’m going in. [click]

  • Gary

    What’s the big deal because ISIS and a support in the USA said they want to behead Obama.

  • Tom Forsythe

    They have shown more outrage over a rhetorical decapitation than over any of the real ones.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Have they considered that Climate Change might be contributing to the increase in violent metaphors?

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  • DMB

    This from Glen Murray Ontario’s Environment & Climate Change Minister. https://twitter.com/williamduffy74/status/665927416221691905