Most Americans disapprove of Islamic values

WASHINGTON — As of Tuesday morning the governors of 27 states — all but one Republican — have said they are opposed to letting Syrian refugees resettle in their states, citing terror concerns. Some GOP lawmakers and presidential contenders have even called for a ban on letting any Syrian Muslim refugees into the United States.

The political calculus behind these gestures becomes apparent when you look at new polling data released Tuesday by the Public Religion Research Institute, which finds that a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say that the values of Islam are “at odds” with American values and way of life. This is up significantly from 2011, when only 47 percent of Americans said this.


Islam is a supremacist cult, who in hell admires that as a value?

  • Gary

    The alleged 1.5 billion muslims all share the same quran just as there wasn’t a sect of Good Nazi’s running the camps that didn’t actually kill anyone by force to them cremate them .
    The quran makes it clear to even a dolt like Justin that ALL the followers must fight in allah’s cause to convert all non-muslims to make the World a caliphate run by sharia law.
    Muhamad made it clear in his own words , that even Justin can understand , that those unbelievers that refuse to pay the Head tax in an islamic society will have the choice to Convert and Submit ( islam ) to allah or be killed for the Muslim only Earth .

    The odds of only the peaceful muslims coming to Canada are about that same odds as seeing a Muslim at a Human Rights hearing charged with a hate-crime for beating up a black gay jewish immigrant . .

    • The Barbarians are in the gates.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      When you convert and submit do you still get to keep your shit?
      I’m not that attached to my big screen tv but I am quite fond of my pencils.

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Blacksmith

    I find it depressing how many in the west are just ignorant. I realize the number is up but it is still way too low.