Marine Le Pen’s Anti-Islam Message Gains Influence in France

PARIS — Well before the attacks that killed 129 people in Paris on Friday, Marine Le Pen, the president of the far-right National Front party, was parlaying fear of Islam, migrants and open borders into political support. Now, with France angry and in mourning, she is seizing the opportunity to expand her appeal and show her clout, underscoring how far-right messages are resonating across Europe.

“France and the French are no longer safe,” Ms. Le Pen said in a speech the day after the attacks, demanding a crackdown on Islamists in the country.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The headline is phrased incorrectly.
    It’s pro civilization not anti.
    Newspapers and their fucking style guides…

    • ntt1

      not only that but describing a centre left group as far right.. you have to wonder how far out in left field the writer is.

      • To the leftists at the NY Times, wanting to not be killed by a Muslim terrorist is far right.

  • pdxnag

    The Not-Insane Party.

    Islamic violence in the cause of Imperialism and Conquest will not stop if you only yield to it 90 percent. You too must yell Allahu Akbar with gusto, or plan on being killed by those who do. Either that or expel them all.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Maybe we can convince the Canadian left that national security is essential to keep the “far-right” from gaining popularity here…

    • Waffle

      Tom, do not hold your breath or hope beyond hope. Leftism is a disease that kills all reason. Unfortunately, it is “us” and “them” — even members of our own families. We are different species. We speak different languages and we see the world through different eyes.

  • Gary

    So what’s the big deal ……. Imam’s will vadalize their own mosque or get women to report fabricated hate-crimes to help the islamists push the islamophobia narrative that incite young males to obey the quran and do jihad to defend islam and muslims.

    In this case REAL people were killed by real muslims claiming they did it for allah and for the crusade to get a Global caliphate run by sharia law to sanction murdering gays and the child-bride pedophilia.

    A phobia is an unfounded fear while islamofascism is a well founded fear for the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth that are declared the enemies of allah to be killed or converted for islams Peace.
    I really doubt I could find any compassion or anger when the islamists under sharai law start to hang or behead all the leftist liberal progressives and the gays or feminists . They have been on the side of these rabid savages from their shared hatred for the West and jews , they have screwed over the majority of people such as str8 ‘s , the religious, whites and Blacks , plus the 49% male population in general .
    I’ll cry for the real victims like the young girls raped by muslim gangs as the Police and social workers covered it up to save their jobs, I no longer have time for the dolts and village idiots that have volunteered to be killed by islam.

  • wallyj180

    ” Across Europe, right-wing and far-right parties have also been capitalizing on the attacks. ”

    I suppose it is the New York Times, but…

    The implication is that they are gaining support on the blood of innocents.
    The reality is that they are gaining votes because what they have said is the truth and people are slowly waking up to that fact.

    The slaughter by islam is harder to dismiss when it happens in your neighbourhood.

  • V10_Rob

    The left has only itself to blame for the rising fortunes of far-right parties. For years they’ve shouted down any concerns with blanket condemnations of racism, while the sycophantic media has run interference and buried anything that threatens the narrative.

    The truth still gets out, eventually. Stories like Rotherham become too big to suppress, or they try to feed us stale memes like ‘Islam has nothing to do with terrorism’ while dozens of butchered bodies are still warm.

    I may not have the highest opinion about the general public (eg, electing Trudeau II), but hit them over the head for several years and they can connect the dots — Islam is incompatible and an outright threat to Western civilization. The left rabidly assert this isn’t true, and that our eyes are deceiving us. Nobody is listening to that noise.

    So, now it’s plainly obvious that we are being lied to, to protect the multicultural fantasy at all cost. People start looking around in exasperation, and guess what? They find that these far-right groups are just about the only entity that seems to recognize reality.

    This isn’t so much about fear driving people into the arms of the far-right, as it is an infuriating level of lies and obfuscation from all other quarters.

    • The leftists are traitors to their respective countries, and should be treated as traitors.

  • The faces of the murderers – these are the horrible trogs that Europe is colonized by today.

    • Xavier

      Lovely bunch. Well kempt, too

    • mauser 98

      and the really big traitors