From Rex Murphy: Every brain needs a spine. But Rex, …


It is nearly impossible not to have heard of the intensely ridiculous and outrageous mischiefs currently being played out on some of America’s (deliriously self-described) institutions of higher learning. Episodes at Yale and the University of Missouri (Mizzou) over the last few weeks challenge all satire. If Jonathan Swift — and I do not think there is a single protestor at Yale or Mizzou who knows anything about him, except that he is dead and was white) — were around today, he would curl up in a fetal ball at the impossibility of mocking a reality so pathetically stupid that it is mock-proof.

Space forbids a full dissection of this turmoil and madness. American higher education, on the Humanities side, and in particular in those dubiously academic innovational “disciplines” centring on Identity, Race, Gender, and the crapulous White Privilege categories, are blights of the mind. They are transmuting portions of university life (Science is saved by its commitment to reality) into slenderly disguised kindergartens for intolerant narcissists. That the incessant calls for “safe spaces” and “free speech zones” and “freedom from offence” are the wails of people who have forgotten, if they ever had a inking, of its meaning what education at a university is supposed to be about.

The professors and administrators at the universities who do not mock, dismiss and, if necessary, expel those who stage these tantrums are unworthy of the positions they hold in a system that once was the envy of the world. More.

Reality check: Murphy, writing above for the National Post, is someone whose thinking skills I admire.

But here I fear he is buying into assumptions that need a trip to the dry cleaners. Let’s ask:

– What are liberal arts faculties, as they now exist, really needed for? I am not asking what we wish they were needed for, but what they are needed for?

From what one can see, they are needed to produce shock troops, revolutionary guards, for the new progressive governments slowly becoming irremovable in the western world.

There is no point in appealing to the current profs’ and adminbots’ standards of intellectual decency Hello? They haven’t any. That’s the point, and it has been evident for several decades. They have jobs, tenure, etc.

None of them is ever again going to agree on a canon of learning that supports Western values like intellectual freedom and evidence-based science.

Most profs probably don’t really believe in them. If they are not themselves progressives, they have jobs, tenure, etc.

Cutting funding for their thug nurseries would make the world safer for those who want an intellectual dimension to life, but that dimension itself will increasingly depend on non-university settings.

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  • ontario john

    I liked that story in the National Post about a leftist student at the University of Victoria in BC, that was shocked at how fascist leftist groups won’t allow any open discussions or groups they don’t agree with. And all conferences have to be approved by whiny indians.

    • Jan Morrissy

      do you have a link for that? (I like it too 🙂