Even Syrian refugees say it is not easy to identify the fakes among them

“Every one of us has heard about fake passports and ID cards,” says Mohammed. “It is a business. Some Lebanese are buying them.”

Khaled Ghazawi, who was pouring small cups of thick, sour coffee at $1 a shot, says he’s seen what he believes are “fake” passports in the hands of people from seemingly everywhere — Morocco, Egypt. “I’ve even seen an African woman carrying a Syrian passport and claiming to be a refugee.”

  • wallyj180

    I like him in this photo, our very own drama Queen. .

    • WalterBannon

      I don’t like him anywhere, unless it involves him hanging for treason.

      • mobuyus

        His gay mug graces my dartboard.

    • ntt1

      this might be a more palatable likeness for liberal bureaucrats who have decided to remove the Queens portrait from federal offices.

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    • DMB

      Now I know why Justin pledged his allegiance to the Queen’s “Hairs”! LOL http://www.buzzfeed.com/ishmaeldaro/long-may-she-rain#.jidB58awR

  • ntt1

    Why not get them to sign a document pledging to uphold Canadian values and deport them for falsification and lying to immigration officials, if they engage in terrorism inside or out of Canada.

    • Exile1981

      I was a witness at a immigration ceremony a few weeks back and they do swear to not engage in terrorism or treason and to follow the queen and her heirs.

      • ntt1

        remember that old German or polish concentration camp officer who was stripped of citizenship then deported for lying about his past? this has been used successfully so why would that not work for a muslim terrorist ?

        • barryjr

          Because the drama teacher likes Muslims.

    • mobuyus

      Once in Canada they burrow in deeper than an Alabama tick and can take years and years to remove and that is if you can find them. I have caught wind of a scheme to supply these ticks with legal representation. This is one of the lefts job creation programs in the new green economy.

      • ntt1

        yeah the pivot legal society is the name here on the wet coast. they do pro bono support to anybody or cause that undermines the system.

  • Waffle

    So you’re shocked about fake passports? Really!!?? It started with fake designer handbags and reached its zenith with Catlyn Jenner. Fake passports? Just another drop in the bottomless bucket.

    • mobuyus

      What about a fake made in china PM?

  • Not_Crazy

    OMG it’s Evil jr’s passport

  • Not_Crazy

    Hear he is

  • Not_Crazy

    Its evil jr’s passport