Amherst U caves to asshat protests


Up to this point I thought the Best Performance of Cowardly Cravenness in a College President would go to CMC president Hiram Chodosh, but it appears Amherst’s president, Biddy Martin, wants the crown, too. Here’s Martin’s lugubrious letter responding to student demands distributed yesterday:More.

Reality check: Actually, they have nothing to defend except their salaries and, if needed, severance packages. If all cave, none can be criticized. They don;t believe in facts or evidence, let anone truth so there is nothing to defend.

The new goal can be organizing U’s around enforcement of Correct Thought. Leaving intellectual inquiry and freedom to develop elsewhere. Which ha been happening, inchoately, for some time now.

See also: Precious little asshats invade campus library

  • Hard Little Machine

    Expel and arrest all white students and staff. Make everything free. Close all classes and libraries.

    • Xavier

      And A+s for everyone who protested.
      Extra credit if you died on a hunger strike.

      • Exile1981

        Extra credit if you pretended to be on a hung strike, because not eating is a microaggression against yourself.

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