Why campus purges will get worse

Must read: Historian Michael Ledeen offers some interesting background:

It’s in the nature of campus revolts that the leaders aren’t going to be satisfied with limited reforms to the school; they are inspired by inflated rhetoric, and they see themselves at the center of a great moment in world history. They have, after all, been told that they are the Next Big Thing, the new elite, those destined to govern. Or rule, as the case may be. So they must constantly demonstrate their power versus the hated “Establishment.” That the Establishment gave them these misguided notions is beside the point, it’s part and parcel of the phenomenon, as several professors are being reminded.

So the purge is on, and my guess is that it will get a lot worse before the inevitable reaction sets in. When I was at Rome U, it was routine for “fascist” professors to be beaten, or locked in elevators, or worse. One morning a law professor who sat on Italy’s Supreme Court was gunned down in the middle of the campus. Thereafter, on exam days, the sidewalks were lined with armed police, and rightly so: some of the student “activists” were real terrorists, they were in the Red Brigades or Potere Operaio or some such.

He goes on to point out that compared to today’s precious little asshats, the Italian students had genuine grievances. Unfortunately,

The violent protests only made things worse, as they will here. The professors quickly realized that giving bad grades was threatening to their health, so everyone got terrific marks. It didn’t take long for employers to see what was going on, and that it was impossible to distinguish the good students from the terrorists. Ergo, university grads stopped getting good jobs.

The outcome in the United States was no better. At Washington University, ROTC and the language requirement were eliminated, hardly a revolutionary triumph. The paucity of results convinced a generation of radicals that the universities had to be taken over from within, which they did. You can see the results in the Obama administration, dominated by ideology and very short on real information (among other things, this president has set a record for errors of fact in prepared speeches). Those people, who cannot get their facts straight, are the products of the “revolutionary” university. More.

Reality check: In the world of progressive government, there are no “facts,” as such; there are only statements that help or don’t help the cause, whatever it is at any given time. The non-STEM students are learning that very thing.

Those whom the government feeds, clothes, and houses are in no position to complain. We voted for it. We could vote against it, but that would take character, beginning with courage and truthfulness.

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  • Ron MacDonald

    The next U.S. Administration should cut off all federal funds to these universities.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I really don’t know why anyone cares. It’s their money to waste and when or if they finally graduate no employer will give them the time of day unless it’s another college or the government or an NGO serves……colleges and government.

  • bob e

    will someone please arrest barry o’fraud for treason, racketeering
    & identity fraud so we still have a country ..