On Paris And The Lie As Our Form Of Existence

The Will To Live?

France’s Socialist President has said that ‘We are going to wage a war that will be pitiless’.

First of all, let us not forget that Islam has been at war with us since it’s inception, that it’s unalterable guidebook, The Koran, demands that Mohammedins either Enslave or Murder we Infidels. The modern phase of this long war began in the late 1960’s and picked-up steam with the declaration by the new regime in Iran in the late 1970’s that they were at War with The West, with a special focus on America.

  • Xavier

    Islam is a world domination strategy, not a religion. Any Moslem who doesn’t see that is a neophyte; any infidel who doesn’t see that is a fool. Whatever their tactics, terrorism or creeping sharia, the goal is the same: a global totalitarian theocracy that murders and enslaves non-believers.

    That is what your nice Moslem taxi driver wants. That is what your child’s Moslem teacher wants. That is what the hordes invading Europe want.

    Every one of them is the enemy. Of your culture, your rights, your family. Under them, you will convert, become enslaved, or die.

    The moment is now. Choose your course.

    • 5
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  • Hard Little Machine

    Hollande wasn’t specific about who he would wage war against. Leftist governments always go after their own people first.