Not all Muslims just those Muslims who have nothing to do with Islam release video celebrating #ParisAttacks

ISIS vows to attack Washington next in chilling new video and vows EVERY nation involved in Syrian airstrikes will ‘suffer France’s fate’ as CIA director warns ‘this is not a one-off’

  • mobuyus

    Three stooges.

  • irishrus

    one on the right separated at birth from J Turdeau

    • Exile1981

      The three of them can’t have a combined IQ of more than 120 at most.

  • Gary

    the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth are fed-up with this crap and there will be a tipping point for the West to put muslims on Notice that Nukes are Zerod in on Mekkha and Medina .
    If this terrorism crap isn’t stopped by the 99% peaceful muslims in 6 months they will see Mekkah turned in a sheet of glass…….if the terrorist keeps going on after three month they will see Medina turned to glass.

    Enough with the beheadings and hanging gays , enough with raping little girls and taking women as sex-slave to emulate muhammad.

    Justin was in over his head before the election and now his a Boy Blunder obsessed with Selfie’s and Global warming while thee Earth burns and children get raped by islamists.