Islamophobes! Profiling! UK Special forces get shoot to kill orders if well integrated Muslims launch Paris-style atrocity

These anti-multicultural racists deliberately misunderstand Islam.

Roll over and die for Allah, it’s the culturally sensitive thing to do.

Police round up Islamophobes

Police round up suspected Islamophobes who looked funny at Muslims

  • Dana Garcia

    I intend to stock up on A M M O this week as my expression of solidarity. It keeps well.

  • simus1

    More PR blather from the vote whore at the top.

    • I bet Cameron hasn’t approved bullets.

      • Clausewitz

        If the SAS are involved, they don’t need no stinking bullets. Part of the heritage of the SAS was that during the Falkland War they would steal away into the Argentine trenches and slit the throat of every other soldier with out being detected. The reason they did every other soldier was so they could freak out the remaining troops and make them reluctant to do trench duty.

  • ontario john

    But Michael Coren says that Britain is successful in intergrating muslims. How can he be wrong? We will never deal with the problem of islam as long as the elites control the media, politics and education system in the West. Excellent story in the National Post website about a student at the University of Victoria where special interest groups rule. You can’t even organize an event or meeting there unless whiny indian groups approve.

    • Tom

      Michael Coren is a true visionary for our times, a calm and nuanced voice of reason in a difficult and trying period in human history … nah, just kidding! He’s a nutter!

    • I ignore him.

  • T.C.

    The shoot to kill order was working pretty well against the communist insurgency in Ulster until the leftist media started running interference on behalf of those savages. Decades later socialist-indoctrinated prosecutors are harasing old men while murderers walk free. Society needs to remember who the real enemy is. Once the shoot to kill order is given then it has to be implemented with the realization that leftists and muslims are stone-age tribalists in their thinking. Either be prepared to go all the way or be prepared for the irrational, endless, violent grievance mongering that will come from these fanatics.