I was held hostage by Isis. They fear our unity more than our airstrikes

As a proud Frenchman I am as distressed as anyone about the events in Paris. But I am not shocked or incredulous. I know Islamic State. I spent 10 months as an Isis hostage, and I know for sure that our pain, our grief, our hopes, our lives do not touch them. Theirs is a world apart.

Most people only know them from their propaganda material, but I have seen behind that. In my time as their captive, I met perhaps a dozen of them, including Mohammed Emwazi: Jihadi John was one of my jailers. He nicknamed me “Baldy”.

Some predictable blather about how we mustn’t be xenophobic and the real problem is Assad etc. – it is the Guardian – but an interesting read.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I have to listen to 92 SHITI FM at work all day long.
    I win the victim sweepstakes.
    Honestly, how much Sloan can you listen to before you start thinking about opening a vein?

  • Brenda

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The vision of ‘refugees’ being welcomed to Germany would have been ‘troubling’ to them? This is the usual dhimmi bullshit.

  • Petrilia

    This guy has Stockholm Syndrome, even tho in almost a year he only met 10 of these sick perverted bastards. Sherman’s march to the sea might be called for. Destroy everything. Leave nothing. Except here they are in OUR LANDS, bitching and complaining as in Holland and Slovenia. One woman on TV you give us a room without TV in Holland. Wow. Who knew these so called refugees would be so angry not to have a TV? Honey, in Canada we call it when the lights go out and we play board games, ever heard of that, you ingrate? Now more to the point, we Canadians know nothing about these possibly ingrate Syrian refugees, do we? Who are they? Where are they headed? How are they being vetted? A caller to John Oakley 640 am said all tradesmen in the Barrie Ontario Camp Borden are making ready. Are they. He also said Canadian army are being called in since they are the only ones inoculated against disease these so called refugees have, well documented, TB, whooping cough, many more but the one you don’t want you and your kids to get.SCABIES. Camp Borden, right close to Barrie, Ontario. Did anyone tell Barrie what they might get. JUSTIN TRUDEAU,looking like a lost little boy in Turkey, among real world leaders, in his breathy little boy voice is going to put Barrie, Ontario at risk. God help Barrie, Ontario.

  • Unity, my ugly ass! Way too many of my people stayed united and marched right into the gas chambers that way. They don’t fear your unity, you leftist moron, They are looking at you that way because you are such a complete lie-down pushover that they have a hard time believing you aren’t tricking them somehow, lulling them with a derringer up you sleeve. It isn’t about unity, its about munitions and aim. Let’s hit them with a squadron of B52s full of that!

  • El Martyachi

    Maybe they figured it’d be more damaging to return him instead of the ol’ youtube chop-job…