I Want To Apologize to Everyone That Said That The Migrant Boats Should Have Been Sunk – At The Time I thought You Were Just a Bunch of Crazy A-Holes Talking Junk on The Internet, But Now I realize That You Are Indeed Our Prophets


The 25-year-old is said to have been rescued by Greek authorities from a wrecked migrant boat on October 5th of this year.

The Mirror has more

Source: Ripped and machine translated from some Greek site

  • Imagine: Zero migrants allowed. All migrants sent back. All Muslims deported wherever, out of the West. Islam declared illegal (just like Nazism is), all mosques are immediately shut down, all Islamic literature forbidden, all Imams imprisoned. All legal means for this necessary survival programme to be instituted asap. All rights of Muslims in the West suspended and then permanently extinguished. Gather the Muslims (including those locally born) in droves, men women and children, by force of arms, pitilessly, for immediate mass deportation. Conquer Libya or some other Mediterranean coastline as necessary so as to dump them in temporary camps there, well outside of Europe, till they are channeled to their countries of origin in the Muslim world. If any Arab countries object, bomb them out of existence. Bomb Mecca first. Stop all arms sales to Muslim countries, and destroy all their weapons caches. This is what WW3 looks like, if the West wants to win it.

    • Bruised Orange

      well said, now can I forward this to the G20 leaders with your permission.
      The only concise and logical step by step answer I have seen so far. Cheers.

      • With my compliments. But of course, they are part of the problem, not of the solution. Especially Obama and Merkel.

    • Western governments have sold their nations out, Muslim immigration is a declaration of war against their own citizens.

      • Doug Kursk


    • Maggat

      Careful there buddy, I’m not about to let anyone deport my wife.

  • ontario john

    The leftist media elites are busy little beavers this Monday morning, with stories on the mosque burning in Ontario, and stories on muslims praying in mosques across Canada(no women allowed of course), and the fears of backlash. And non stop propaganda about all Canadians preparing to welcome Syrian invaders(sorry refugees). And at the G20, talk, talk, talk. Commie Chinese president did take time to praise Justin’s father, fellow commie Pierre. Justin has promised to strengthen ties with China. You know, the China that hacks and spies on Canada, and persecutes Christians over there. But then I suppose Justin is being consistent, since he is giving 14 million dollars to Indonesia for infrastructure spending. You know, the Indonesia that is burning down Christian churches.

    • ntt1

      I raised some questions about the mosque burning including the amount of damage and the time line after the imam left., CBC censored it .

      • lolwut?

        If the story is on Globals site, post it there.

  • Crazy A-Hole

    I Want To Apologize to Everyone That Said That
    The Migrant Boats Should Have Been Sunk – At The Time I thought You Were
    Just a Bunch of Crazy A-Holes Talking Junk on The Internet, But Now I
    realize That You Are Indeed Our Prophets

    Thanks For The Acknowledgement And Don’t Forget It.

  • marty_p

    Dave Agar on this morning’s 7 am CFRB newscast opened with “Islam is a noble and worthy religion”… Pretty obvious that my favorite conservative radio station has gone wimpy – morning show hosted by a Liberal loving (closeted) gay male and now the newscaster acting as a Mo apologist. Looks like I am headed to 640 and Oakley.

    • Xavier

      Right now the Today Show is interviewing the Imagine piano guy and cooing over the Eiffel Tower peace sign.

      • k1992

        We have truly entered the Twilight Zone.

      • Clink9

        None of them have a clue. Just wallowing in their own off gassing.

      • Vomit inducing.

    • Alex

      So many experts on Islam these days ….

    • Islam is a murder cult. To suggest otherwise is to lie in the face of reality.

  • BradThomas

    “You are indeed our prophets”: no, not really. Prophecy typically involves making predictions about future events that are not easily foreseen. That ISIS would use the migrant onslaught as a means to infiltrate Europe was obvious to anyone not deliberately closing their eyes.

    • Exile1981

      Plus ISIS said they were going to force more migrants to go so as too hide soldiers…. 8 months ago.

  • John

    Ann Marie Waters on Obama’s invocation of ‘universal values’.


  • Exile1981

    It’s ok DB we forgive you that it took you this long to realize boats need to be sunk.

  • lolwut?

    Crazy a-hole and proud of it!