Eliminating Evil Empires

“…Although it is impossible for anyone, even beings higher and greater in power than ourselves, to know exactly both a photon’s position and its momentum at the same time, the one thing that we can be certain of, is that Islam is incompatible with western civilization and must be wiped out. Not the people, the ideology.

After the end of World War II we eradicated the Nazi movement but not the German people. Likewise, we eradicated Japan’s State Shinto but not the Japanese people”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Have you ever owned an arab produced transistor radio?

    • I haven’t even owned an Arab.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Why would you want to own an arab anyway?
        One of the ones that I had in my employ used to ask for more hours.
        So, I took him at his word.
        The one closing shift that I brought him in for his audition was a disaster.
        I knew in a way I had been inflicting him on my ineffectual assistant manager so I decided to start working with my subpar staff to see what they were actually doing.
        So, it’s a good four hours worth of work at the start.
        He comes in fifteen minutes late and promptly goes to the kitchen to order a staff meal.
        An hour in he’s still sitting there.
        I start doing things myself.
        Five hours later of his fuckall I finish and get to go home after a thirteen hour day.
        He never got another chance.

  • Islam is incompatible with western civilization and must be wiped out.

    • Xavier

      Not [just] the people, the ideology [too].

      • If the ideology could be wiped out, the people would become human beings again instead of zombies.

        • Xavier

          I don’t know if the contagion is reversible.

          • I doubt it too. It would take more than a generation or two even in the best of circumstances. Adults cannot be reeducated (de-programmed) easily, but maybe children can – if they are permanently separated from their parents, which is unthinkable. It is all only possible if the people themselves desire it. A fantasy.

  • Xavier

    The Japanese people did not conduct a paramilitary invasion of the US.